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    Jon Lee

    Hello! My name is Jonathan. I think my post title says it all. About 5 weeks ago I came home from work to find a 10 gallon aquarium with about 4 inches of dirty water and 6 gold fish. I was livid because of the poor treatment of the fish and the thought that I would be the one having to deal with them. My wife informed me that the fish were a long overdue promise that one of her church associates had made to my son. Every year the original owner of the fish puts on some kind of display– a kind of Christmas nativity deal, and creates live scenery that has waterfalls and such. At the end of Christmas, she breaks everything down and gives the poor fish to some well intentioned–or not so well–kids. She had promised the fish to my son, and she delivered on her promise. I let the fish sit there enough time to realize that my kid had no concern for the fish at all. So, I did what most people do. I went out and bought an aquarium (10 gallon kit from PetSmart). Luckily the sales associate talked me into buying some food and some API water conditioner. So, less than 10 gallons of water and 5ml of water conditioner later, I had myself a fish tank. Well, I wish the story ended right there…but it doesn’t. I ended up binge watching about a zillion YouTube fish videos and found out the gravity of my 6 goldfish in an un-cycled aquarium situation. Being an animal person, I contacted my LFS and asked what to do. They told me they would take the fish and the fish would not end up as feeders. The next day I handed the fish over to more “ichthyologically” minded people.

    I did keep the tank, watched a lot of videos, took my time, got everything as right as I could, and just recently added a couple of snails and 4 guppies (that gave me several more today). Man the last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind of fish activity at my house. Now that I did the work, my kid is interested and likes helping with the fish! So, problem solved. Right? Wrong…Now I want to do it all over again.


    William Beard

    Welcome to the club and the addiction. I started back into the hobby 3 maybe 4 months ago and already back up to 7 aquariums. If you are able to, then I would definitely suggest coming out to the club swap meet tomorrow. It is a great place to meet people and get some really unusual fish.

    Jon Lee

    Thanks! I plan on being there to meet some new faces and fish.


    William Beard

    Well definitely come say hi. I will be splitting a table with Paul and we will both have some fish. There will be plenty of fish though that you do normally see in stores. Also lots of great people that are extremely knowledgeable.

    Julia Jeorge

    welcome ! oh boy, you have no idea what you have done, and people say chocolate is addictive LOL. you will love having fish, you will soon realize that one tank is not enough. a bit of advice— craigslist has second hand tanks and not only that we are having a swap meet tomorrow!! I only have 2 tanks right now, that is all that I can handle BUT I really would like another one. I have a 20 hex which is only good for a Beta & that is whats in it , I also have a 90 gallon in the middle of my living room —who needs a couch anyway?? fish are much more interesting than stuffy old furniture anyway.So glad that your son is interested–who knows where that will lead??? Maybe a career in marine biology?????????????

    Jonathan Taylor

    LOL!  So funny to hear this.  After months of binging on YouTube vids and convincing my wife, I’m in the process of setting up my first planted tank.  I’m coming to the swap meet tomorrow myself and my wife may find a new 10-gallon betta tank set up alongside the 29-gallon I’m shopping for plants for.  Just trying to figure out where I can put it. 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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