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    Hello Fellow Aquarists!

    I recently moved to Atlanta from Kentucky in June and am looking to buy some assorted African cichlids/jewels/peacocks etc. to stock my 60 gallon tank. If you know any local breeders or have any for sale, please let me know!

    Happy New Year,


    Matthew Singley

    Welcome Trey!

    I currently breed the following:

    -Ngara Flametails (Reg and Albino)
    -Red Empress
    -Taiwan Reef
    -Rusty Cichlids
    -Yellow Blaze Lithobates
    -Salmon Hippo Point
    -Kyoga Flamebacks
    -Tomato Haps
    -Thickskin Haps
    -Tricolor Fulu

    Probably a few others i am forgetting. Let me know what you are interested in.

    Warm regards,


    Matthew Singley
    AAAA Treasurer
    Instagram: s2tropicals_official
    Fishroom: 180+ Tanks
    Breeding over 40 Species (Africans, Central American, South American, Live Bearers, Catfish)

    William Beard

    Talk to Butch at South East Cichlids. I got to see his facility a month or two back when picking up a tank from him. There was beautiful Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids just about everywhere I looked. Definitely worth talking with him because what he doesn’t breed he might be able to get a hold of for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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