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    Liz VanBrug

    Next Swap meet is coming!   Saturday, March 13, 2021   11AM – 3Pm


    Open Bible Tabernacle Church,   Family Center/Gymnasium

    545 Lorene Dr SW,  Marietta, GA 30060

    This is going to be an indoor event this time. It’s a big space. However, space will be limited for “social distancing”. So probably limited to 20 spots. However, if the weather is nice we will be outdoors.

    Reserve your spot at

    There will be a $10 donation to the church collected at the event for each spot.

    Free to all to come and shop. BRING YOUR MASK

    More info will be posted on Facebook, or message me if you don’t do Facebook


    Thank you for continuing to organize this event! Much appreciated! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



    I have a pretty good list going so far. Haven’t worked the prices out yet, however I promise they will be very reasonable. I may even bring a bucket of guppies to sell at feeder prices.

    – Black Moscow Guppies

    – Green/Blue Guppies

    – Yellow Tiger Endlers

    – All Males (Assorted) Guppies

    – Assorted Fancy Guppies

    – Llyodon Furcidens – Trout Goodieds

    – Bristlenose Plecos – 1.5″ – about 3″, I have an assortment of Albinos, Browns, Long Fins, and possibly a few others.

    – Gold Severums – About 3″

    – 3 Yo-Yo Loaches

    I also have a lot of different plants around the fishroom

    – Dwarf Sagittaria, Pogostemon Octopus, Java Fern, Java Moss, Spikey Moss, 2 different types of Cryptocoryne, Anubius, and a few others. Just depends on what looks good before the swap.


    What I will be looking for.

    – Rice Fish

    – Some kind of Danio

    – Maybe some Platies, or some other livebearer (not guppies!)


    Tim Spry


    Where are all the posts of what everyone is bringing to the swap like what you posted? Last time there was a bunch of posts.

    Christopher Taylor

    Paul, are you cash only? Are there any app based payments you accept?

    Mitchell Broome

    Paul Where are all the posts of what everyone is bringing to the swap like what you posted? Last time there was a bunch of posts.

    They will start to trickle in as people collect their lists.  It’s still 10 days out so check back in periodically.  You can also subscribe to this thread in the forums by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ link just above the very first post.  That will make the forums email you each time this thread is updated as people start to chime in.

    I will likely have my list up by the weekend.


    Tim Spry

    Cool Thanks Paul

    Mitchell Broome

    I’m not going to be able to bring everything on the list. If you want something specific, please let me know ahead of time so I can prioritize it. First come, first serve. I might be out of stock on some things if you don’t make the request early enough.

    Here is a gallery of the assorted species on the list:

    corydoras cw010 – gold laser (group of 5 young) $50
    corydoras zygatus (group of 6 young) $30
    corydoras habrosus (group of 6 young) $30
    corydoras cw140 (group of 6 young) $40

    hemigrammus bleheri – rummynose tetra (group of 10+) $30
    pristella maxillaris – pristella/x-ray tetra (group of 8+) $20

    iriatherina werneri – threadfin rainbow (group of 6+ young) $40
    pseudomugil gertrude (6 young, already spawning) $30
    melanotaenia boesmani (CARES) (group of 15+ young 1.5″) $50
    melanotaenia lacustris – turquoise rainbow (CARES) (group of 10 young 2″) $60 (adults) $10 each

    betta rubra (pair) $20
    betta balunga (pair) $20
    betta imbelis (pair) $20
    betta smardgina – guitar (group of 6 young) $30
    betta edithae (pair) $20
    betta ocellata (group of 5 young) $30

    apistogramma atahualpa (group of 6 unsexed young) $30
    apistogramma borelii (group of 5+ young) $30
    apistogramma borelii – bella union (young pair) $25

    dwarf cichlids:
    nanacara anomala (group of 6+ young) $25
    amatitlania nanolutea (CARES) (proven pair) $40
    amatitlania nanolutea (CARES) (group of 6 fry) $20

    shell dwellers:
    neolamprologus multifasciatus (group of 6) $30
    lamprologus signatus (group of 6) $30
    lamprologus ocellatus – gold (adults) $15 each
    lamprologus ocellatus (group of 5 young) $60

    epiplatys annulatus – clown killifish (group of 6) $20.00
    cyprichromis leptosoma – utinta (group of 5 young) $70

    ancistrus cirrhosus – std fin super red bristelnose (unsexed 2 1/2″ – 3″+) $20 each

    Again, if you want something specific, let me know ahead of time. Otherwise, it might not get prioritized high enough to bring since I only have so much time to get things ready.

    Mitchell Broome

    So I think I have worked out enough of the design to start making these shelves available to people. They are designed to hang over the edge of an aquarium and can be moved around to wherever you need a place to sit something. They have been tested on a fair number of different size tanks, but since manufactures are not super consistent, I have different sizes available depending on the tank’s trim. I’ll be bringing some to the swap meet, so if your interested, let me know and I can set aside one for $20.

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    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    Here’s what I am bringing to the swap

    1 Black tiger oscar   4″   $10

    1 yoyo loach   4″  $20

    1 common pleco   6″  $5

    1 common pleco   5″   $5

    1 bristlenose female   4″  $25

    1 Eupterus Synodontis   5.5″  $30

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    Salvador Lopez

    Hi Mitchell , I was wondering if it would be possible to get 2 groups of the cw010 ?
    If it’s not possible to get two I will take one group .
    thanks in advance .

    Salvador Lopez

    Hi Tim I’m interested in your Oscar and the eupterus synodontis.
    thank you in advance

    Pat Riggins

    Hello! Here are the things that I can bring to the swap. I likely won’t bring all of these unless I get some interest.

    3 Clown Loaches approx 3″ – $10 each

    Proven Angelfish Pair – Male is Marble Pearlscale Super Veil female is Pinoy Pariba Widefin – Pics avail  $75 for pair. Will only bring if there is interest

    Angels of all sizes – DD Black, Smokey Black, Platinum Pearlscale Veil, Platinum Standard, Marble, Marble Pearlscale – $5 – $10 based on quality

    Berlin Swordtails – Fry Packs 5 for $20, Young Pairs $25

    Sanke Swordtails – Fry Packs 5 for $20, Young Pairs $25

    Kohaku Swordtails – Fry Packs 5 for $20, Young Pairs $25

    Limia Dominicensies – 1 Fry Pack of 5 $30

    Guppies – Half Black Red, Medusa, Black Moscow, King Tiger, Red Dragon – Various Prices

    Text at 678-575-3434 if you have questions.    Pat

    Tim Spry


    I will hold them for you.


    Tim Spry

    Tim Spry


    I would like 2 of the clown loaches please.

    I will be at te show.


    Tim Spry

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