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    Heather Moulton-Meissner


    Frazzled from the end of summer rush? Do you just wanna chum it up with some other fishy pals? Want
    to enjoy other hobbyist’s fish without having to travel (too) far? Then swing on by!

    ELIGIBILITY: Bowl Show entries will be allowed for paid members. Individual members may enter two fish, with only one of the two allowed to place. Family memberships are allowed to enter one fish per family member, with only one of the entries allowed to place. Display-only entries not competing for prizes are also allowed. This is an open-class show, accepting most species (see limitations in the Tank Setup section below). Entries should be either a single fish, a male and female pair for livebearers, and
    up to four individuals for very small schooling fish (eg, white cloud minnows).

    TANK SETUP: All entrants are responsible for bringing their own clean water for display. We will have water conditioner on hand for emergency use only. All display tanks must have at least one flat side for viewing the fish. The maximum container size for each entry is 10 gallons. No decorations or lighting please! We welcome battery-powered air bubblers to keep your prized companion comfortable and happy.

    VOTING AND AWARDS: Each attendee (members and non-members) at our Bowl Show will receive two
    tickets: One blue, worth 3 points, and one red, worth 2 point, and one yellow worth 1 point Pick out your favorites, and drop the ticket into the cup beside the display tank! The votes will tallied, and winners announced after. The top 3 placing in the Adult category will be awarded cash prizes,
    $50 for 1st
    $30 for 2nd
    $20 for 3rd

    The Junior category will have the top five places awarded cash,
    $40 for 1st
    $25 for 2nd
    $15 for 3rd
    $10 for 4th and 5th!
    There will be other goodies available too for the Junior entrants, most of which might be a little embarrassing to teens. 😉

    What else is going on at this meeting? We will be having a swap meet, AND a potluck!!!

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