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    Steve Church

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve had no luck getting aquarium timers (for lights) to last very long. Wondering if the LED lights that are computer controlled and have timer built in are a good option. Any thoughts? Recommendations for best lights? This is for south american tank so don’t need real sunlight mini reef level brightness.

    Matthew Singley

    Over the holidays i went out and purchased a ton of smart plugs.  I got mine from Sams Club and Amazon.  I spent $5 a piece for them.  I then integrated them with Alexa and can voice control my lights (e.g. “Alexa turn on Fishroom Lights”).  It also has a mode that you can set as a timer so they can come on/off at whatever time you want.  Been running for about 2 months now on well over 100 tanks so far and I am mad at myself i didn’t do this sooner.

    I have a combination of these lights (~$6 a piece)



    I try to connect as many lights as I can to a smart plug one section has about 8 plugged in and that controls over 20 lights.  Its a good cheap alternative and serves me well.  Just thought I would share.


    Matthew Singley
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    Steve Church

    Thanks Matthew. Great advice. WeMo smart plug did the trick!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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