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    Beth Hall

    Hey guys – I am setting up a 6 foot long planted tank and I want to go first class. 🙂 I’m looking at getting 2 Twinstar 90 LED Series S lights. They don’t make 6′ lights – so 2 3′ lights). $309 each And using ADA AQUA SOIL – AMAZONIA LIGHT – POWDER 9L substrate. Anyone have an opinion or better suggestion? And know of the cheapest place to get this?

    Julia Jeorge

    Well, I tried LED lights on 2 planted tanks. I was dissatisfied went back to T5ho lights. I have 4 48″ bulbs on a 90Gallon. 1 fixture of 2 bulbs sits on the tank ( with air space of course) 1 fixture of 2 bulbs is raised about 7 inches to do aquaponics , but it still gets light in the tank. I AM SOOOO JEALOUS OF YOUR NEW TANK.LOL. You could try Home Depot or Loews, they might help with price. I have heard of fishkeepers using shop lights, they are LED now too.

    Beth Hall

    I bought the twinstar.  It’s awesome download (1)

    fish and plants
    1. Hello. If you live with having a canopy on the tank. Screw in adjustable led flood bulb with the bulb lens removed is the cheapest. Led bulb lens can be careful removed with a saw. Set up the canopy with several led lamps on a dimmer. When I get home, I will send a photo of one.

    I have have good LED fixtures and some that were not good for growing plants.  T5 HO are reliable at providing good results.  Right now I’m happy with NICREW ClassicLED planted.  Decent light for the price.  Not familiar with the ones you posted.  Have not been particularly happy with CurrestUSA Sat+ LED or Beamsworks.

    I usually use Ecocomplete for substrate except in the shrimp tanks & haven’t tried aquasoil but have heard good things about it.  Whether those are the best choices for what you’re doing will depend on whether you want to go high tech or low tech.  I stick with low tech as I don’t want to keep up on the maintenance of a high tech tank although they can look spectacular.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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