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    Hello, life has thrown me a curveball and as a result I’m going to have to cut my stock and only keep my favorites, the rest will have to go and I can’t find anyone locally to me, Columbus, that is interested so I am now offering them here. I am more interested that these fish go to a good home than I am getting a good price so the prices are flexible. Here is what I have for sale.

    4 tiger striped silver dollars, full grown, $30 each.

    6 spotted silver dollars, full grown, $10 each.

    1 hoplo catfish, I never learned the scientific name of it however it’s black and should be easy to find, I believe it’s full grown at around 4”-5”? $20

    3 Raphael catfish, 5”, $15 each

    3 African butterfly fish $13 each

    1 fire mouth, 4” I think, $10

    2 pearl gouramis, full grown, $5 each

    1 snakeskin gourami, around 4”, 8$
    1 keyhole cichlid, around 4” $6

    3 dojo loaches, around 5” each, $8 each

    I have several bichirs and if I remember correctly it’s 2 Senegal’s, 4 very young delhezi around 4” each, 2 palmas palmas around 8”, 2 butts ones 5” and the other is 7” I think. I think I’m forgetting some. One of the palmas palmas keeping on bashing its snout into the lid so it stays damaged and or healing, it’ll be knocked down in price a bit, nothing bad though. Anyway I’ll get the head count on them and prices later, I just wanted to put it out there that I had them. I also have some nano fish that I’ll list later, the only thing I know off the top of my head is that I have around 20-30 platties that are full grown.

    Alex Paine

    The title says something about apistos… but I didn’t see anything in the description. What kinds do you have?


    Ahh I’m sorry, it completely slipped my mind, I have

    6 young apistogramma boreli

    5 young nannacara anomala

    I got them from @Mitchell Broome and they’ve grown a bit since I got them. I paid $30 for each group and Im willing to sell them at that price as well. The price on those is firm however.

    Joshua Pullins

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Senting u a pm</p>


    PM sent


    Hi interested in the silver dollars, platties and any other fish. If u want can call me 404 606 8152 or messenger. Thanks Auggie.


    I just remembered that I have some tanks to sell as well.
    2 x 55 gallons, both held water when I shut them down. $40 each.

    1 x 55, leaks, will need to be resealed, $30

    If my buyer backs out I’ll have 2x 20 high for sale. The first is $15 and the second is $10 due to it being hazy for some reason.


    Once I sell the fish I need to sell I’ll have the following for sale.

    1x 40 breeder, has a chip in the side but holds water just fine, $30.

    3 x 29 $25 each

    1 x 20 high $15


    3 Raphael catfish

    1 keyhole cichlid

    1 Fire mouth cichlid

    1 Snakeskin gourami

    3 dojo loaches

    6 apistogramma boreli

    5 nannacara anomala

    6 spotted silver dollars

    All of the above is pending in addition to the two 20 highs I mentioned earlier.



    I also am open to trades, mainly for plants but I’ll consider fish and invertebrates as well depending on what they are. If you have anything else in mind to trade let me know.

    Derrick R Harris

    I’ll take the 4 stripped silver dollars if they are still available.

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