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    Trinny Freeman

    This is multi-topic post, lol.  Help with Advice; Wanted to Buy/Trade OR Fish for Trade

    I am debating on what to do with a Blood Parrot that suddenly decided, after 2 years, that it needed to kill its tankmate (an EBA).  The EBA is safe.  The BP is in a timeout tank until I figure this out.  It is only a 26g bowfront tank so this is not long-tern.

    1.  Rehome/trade the Blood Parrot with a fellow hobbyist that can give her a good home.

    2.  Move the EBA to another tank and find the BP a couple more BP friends of comparable size to fill out the 75g tank.  So it would have the following stock:

    3 blood parrots (all added together after a major rescape)

    4 albino hoplo catfish

    3 bn plecos

    2 SAEs – MAYBE?  Will the bioload be ok keeping these guys in?  Or remove?

    Filtration – 1 FX4, 1 Hydor 350, and a sponge filter.

    Thoughts?  Ideas for BP caves?  Anyone have grown Blood Parrots that you would like to find a new home for?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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