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    Lynn Sweeney

    We’re breeding newbies – basic advice appreciated. We have a 10 gal tank with about 40-50 teeny CPD fry in it. Is the furry forest of green hair algae going to hurt them or tangle them all up? No other fish or snails in the tank right now (it does have an Indian almond leaf and some floating plants). In fact, our 10 gal shrimp tank next to it also has much of the same algae. Seems like it would actually hold excellent micro life, but it’s there a point where it’s too much? Do we need some amano shrimp to keep it mowed down?

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    William Beard

    A lot of breeders will allow that algae to grow since it will give the fry a constant food source to graze on. So I would say leave it since I have never heard of it being an issue.

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