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    Julia Jeorge

    hi there. I have a breeding pair of blue blushing veil tail angels that are free to a good home. They paired off on me , got aggressive in my community tank and are now in a 20 gallon hex with a bunch ( a big bunch) of babies. The tank is way to small but it is all that I had, SO, who can give these lovelies a proper home??The angels were originally purchased at Optimum Aquarium in Dec 2019 as young ones and are healthy. When I moved them into the 2o I thought that they would wait for better accommodations to breed but no they didn’t.I was trying to wait until after the shelter in place that we are doing to find them a home , but they really need a better placeĀ  now, this is cruel. I live in Hiram, that is about 20 miles west of Marietta right off of 120.

    Patrick Singh

    I might be interested in giving them a home. Have a few empty tanks. Could you please post or message me their pic. Thanks.

    Julia Jeorge

    thank you for responding. I cant do the photo thing. I bought them at OptimimĀ  Aquarium last December , the said they were “blue blushing veiltails” the blushing part was near their gills and is gone now. They are large , erect fins, those fins are a charcoal color, they are a silvery color, the lower hanging fins do have a bluish color. They are healthy . their tails are veils, the female is the larger one and her veil is the best. they eat well, flake, pellets and Repashy. they are pretty fish and very active, always cruising as a pair. They are back in my 90 gallon community tank and have calmed down a bit, but they really do need a tank of their own. If you like you can call me – landline no messaging, 770-226-4182. I am disabled so it takes a bit to get to the phone. I am in Hiram, that is directly west of Marietta 20 miles on route 120 ( roswell rd)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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