Bristlenose plecos priced to sell! Moving them out.

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    Bristlenose Plecos fish, healthy and home raised: Pictures are not great, shot down through 2′ of water.

    – range from 1-3 inches, some larger, ages range from 4 months to 1 year.
    – all are bristlenose plecos, mother is a little under 4″, father is a little over 6″. All are either albino or albino heterozygous. Will produce albino young.

    – albino longfins $8 each
    – albino shortfin $4 each
    – common long fin $6 each
    – common short fin $3 each

    $30 – The male from the breeding pair is also available, he is a heterozygous common longfin, I haven’t measured him but I think a bit over 6″. Will produce a mix of albino and common offspring if paired with a heterozygous or albino female. Half of the offspring will be longfin.

    Minimum $20 order

    – require a tank of at least 30 gallons, multiple males will fight. You need to be familiar with the nitrogen cycle.

    Text me at 404-784-8622. Located on GA 400 exit 14. Thanks for looking!

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