Can I pay someone to “pierce” my bloated fish for me???

Forums Fish Talk I need help! Can I pay someone to “pierce” my bloated fish for me???

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    Justin parker

    I posted this on the Facebook group when I noticed but I’m in Facebook jail for vehemently defending trans persons rights against a bully, and I’m desperate, so here goes-

    I have a 5-6” Frontosa female who became bloated 6 days ago. It looks like dropsy as she’s blown up some and her scales are popping out. During the 6 days, she hasn’t gotten any bigger, and she’s able to swim upright (and has even chased other fish away) and hasn’t started losing her balance. She will not eat and her scales look to be sticking out more now.

    I have treated the tank with metronidazole. Zero ammonia and nitrites and nitrates are next to none. No other fish are sick.

    I have read that sometimes, piercing the abdomen of the fish with a needle will help drain the fluid buildup. I’m really upset about potentially losing this fish. If anyone thinks that this is the last resort and has experience, I’m willing to pay $100 to anyone who is able. Or, if anyone has any other ideas…

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