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    Beth Hall

    Think Christmas.  I have been a fish breeder for 40+ years and I am moving.  Unfortunately, I must sell my tanks and fish before I move.  Here is the opportunity to get fish, plants, an empty tank to set up yourself, or a cycled tank with thriving fish for your family.  Prices vary based on selection and quantity, but most everything is 60% to 75% less than at the pet store. All prices negotiable based on quantity



    2: 20 gal long with a hang on the back (HOB) filter and top.  $25 each

    1: 29 gal with HOB, LED light, and glass pane top  $50

    1: antique black wrought iron stand with two 10-gallon tanks, 2 lights.  $75

    2: ten gallon tanks – $8 each

    CYCLED TANKS: includes fish, gravel, lights, heaters, HOB filters, tops, plants

    Tanks: 20 long, 29 gal, and 20 long with stand.


    Sailfin and lyretail gold dust mollies (live bearers)

    Yellow tiger endlers (live bearers)

    Kribensis  (dwarf rainbow cichlid)

    Trout Goodeids (live bearers)

    A few assorted Cory catfish and red ancistris



    Water Sprite

    Jungle Val


    Java fern

    and more


    Free gravel with tank purchase

    Rocks ( a rock is a rock – don’t have specifics on types)

    Artificial plants – silk and plastic

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    donald w norris

    Beth you have a PM

    Joseph Parker

    I’m interested in the 29 gallon set up how do we set up to meet

    Beth Hall

    Please call me – Beth Hall. 770 577 6675


    Where are you located


    red ancistrus do you still have it and what price

    Beth Hall

    I do have a few red ancestrus.  I will be selling them along with some cories near the end after I break down the tanks.  I have 6 – 7, don’t think there are any males.  Would prefer to sell them all in one group.  Give me a call – Beth 770 833 3320.  I’m not very good with the forum

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