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    William Beard

    I need to clear out some tank space to better work some of the pairs that I have.

    Cichlasoma Dimerous (Bella Union): group of 5. The largest is around 2.5-3in $40 for the group

    Cichlasome sp Ruta 44 “Gold Acara”: group of 5. $30 for the group.

    Buenos Aires Tetras: group of 4 currently housed with the dimerous and get along well together.

    Pelvicachromis Pulcher: 3 groups of 5 ea young kribensis. $12 for each group of 5. Parents were from separate bloodlines

    One pair black and white eastern mosquito fish. An interesting little livebearer, though the male does not like to get along with most other species of fish. $10 for the pair

    While I am loath to since I would love to keep them all. I have one group of 5 Anomalochromis thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid). This is a very sweet fish even when breeding, breeding tank had cherry barbs and pymgy corys the entire time. This is a beautiful but shy cichlid that is very hard to find in the hobby currently. It took me 4-6 months to track down someone working with the species and get a pair from them.

    The group will be available to buy in about 3 weeks to a month, to grow them out more. I am listing these now so the right person can claim them, and have time to get a tank set up for them (Petco has tanks on sale, so perfect excuse for another). The group of 5 will be $35. A good deal for a very uncommon cichlid, and whoever gets them also can reach out to me anytime with questions. Since there is not seemingly a great deal of information on this fish, and it is one I would love to see become more common.


    If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at

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