Co2 and Tanks

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    Selling an Aquatek Mini with Full tank of CO2 never used it, got it second hand filled it up and then got to busy with work. $70

    Also have a 20lb tank with Regulator and Solenoid as well pm if interested no pictures right now

    5 gallon Low Iron rimless with black silicon tank made by Picoaquariums, comes with micro hang on back and a neat clear acrylic glass cleaner. S35

    110 gallon Tank, not a show tank scratched and old. Is drilled and as far as i know held water last time it was plumbed. 5ft long and made of thick glass. $85
    was planning to clean it up and set it up but work got in the way.

    29 gallon $20

    20 gallon tall S13

    Pm if interested or if you need more pictures.

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