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    Connor Castillo

    Hey Everyone,

    I have always used the Dick’s Sporting Goods right next to me to fill my CO2 tank for my aquascape. Recently they said they are done supplying CO2, does anyone have recommendations for somewhere else I could go?


    Thank you!

    Jonathan Taylor

    Check with Premier Aquatics in Marietta.  They may do it.  If not, they can probably tell you where to go.

    Ryan Young

    Premier can fill up to 20lb CO2 tanks.

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    Praxair/Nexair in Norcross told me ages ago they can refill a 5 pound tank for $20. I’ll be going there soon since mine ran out, so I’ll find out if that’s still accurate.


    I usually get mine refilled from an individual at Alpharetta. His name is Harry and his cell is 6786545261. Have been using him for the past two years with no problem. He usually supplies to people that make their own beer.


    Just confirmed, Nexair swapped my 5 pound canister for a filled one, $18.

    Christopher Taylor

    Beverage Control in Tucker is where we go. For our 15lb tank, it’s $25 after tax. For smaller tanks it’s less of a deal; our 3lb tank we just got cost us $11 to fill.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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