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    Buck Meyer

    In light of the necessity to suspend the club’s regular meetings and auctions, the AAAA BOD has approved a proposal regarding BAP.

    Until regular meetings resume, BAP points can be earned under the following conditions:

    1. Seller must print and complete the form, and have it available at the time of the transaction.
    2. The seller will have the buyer sign the dated form acknowledging the purchase of the fish/plant and the price paid.
    3. When fish are sold through a club auction, the club retains 30% of the sale price. While there is no absolute requirement that the seller submit 30% of the sale to the club in order to earn BAP points for a submission outside of the auction format, a donation to the club of 30% of the sale price is suggested. This helps to defray some of the program costs. Payments can be sent through Paypal using the email(account) address of treasurer@atlfishclub.com. Please send an identifying note with the payment that includes the seller name and the common name and/or name of the species sold.
    4. This is temporary only, while the club meetings and auctions are on hiatus.

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