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    Good morning! Happy weekend!

    I’ve followed the groups’ Facebook page for a long time but no longer have a Facebook account.  We are moving and are getting the current home painted next week. I have a couple tanks and it’s just too overwhelming with everything else to keep them during this move.

    I have 3 tanks that need new homes and I’m not asking for any money in return, just the ability to pick them up by Monday. I am located in East Cobb near Paper Mill.

    Tank 1 is a 20L with live plants and lava rock decor.

    1 x Albino tiger barb
    1 x green tiger barb
    1 x bristle nose pleco
    4 x panda cories
    6 x neon tetras
    2 x orange neon tetras
    1 x serpae tetra

    Tank 2 is a 10 gallon with live plants and rocks

    3 x emerald cories
    2 x cobra guppies
    1 x neon Mickey Mouse platy
    2 x otocinclus

    Tank 3 – 5 Gal (son’s glow tank)

    2 x GloFish tetras

    3 x Glofish danios

    I also have a large tote full of miscellaneous supplies that is ready to go as well.

    Obviously, the ideal situation is to not have to break everything up between too many people but I’m grateful for the help I can get.

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    Michael Perry



    I can take it all today. West Cobb


    I’m not sure how to edit my original post (I swear I saw it earlier) but everything is gone. Thank you all very much for your willingness to help out.

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