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    David Mercer

    Exciting News Fish Fans!!!
    Registration Is Now Open!!!

    Register now for our Incredible Fall Auction that will be held on

    Sunday, September 15th at the Windy Hill Community Center

    (1885 Roswell St SE, Smyrna, GA 30080)

    Everyone must register to participate in our auctions. If you registered for our past auctions, you’ll need to re-register.
    We clear the auction registration database prior to each auction (this helps us keep everyone’s information current).
    Both buyers and sellers need to register for our auctions.

    Here’s how you register:

    In your browser go to the following URL:

    1. Click on ‘Click Here To Create A New Account’

    2. Fill out the form using 522978 for the key code.
    Also, your password needs to be at least 8 characters long.

    3. If all goes well, you’ll be prompted to login. Go ahead and login

    4. Following your login, you’ll now see your bidder/seller number

    5. Sellers, if you click the text below your bidder number, you can register items for the auction

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Jakub Lapinski


    Jim Datka

    We have made MAJOR CHANGES in the how the auction will be performed. There have been too many items to effectively auction in a reasonable time frame, which has resulted in low prices to sellers, long waits for buyers and exhausted auctioneers.

    These changes are intended to provide the maximum financial benefit to sellers, and the best selection and timely offerings to buyers:

    1. All bags sold by auctioneers will have a $1 PER BAG CHARGE in addition to the 30% of the sales price collected from members and 40% collected from non-members.
    Please bag or group fish in greater quantities to get the highest price possible for your items.
    Sellers will be restricted to NO MORE THAN 7 BAGS OF A SINGLE SPECIES—this will be strictly enforced.

    2. The BUY-IT-NOW section will be EXCLUSIVELY for Plants and Live Foods.
    Items sold here will NOT BE CHARGED THE $1 PER BAG FEE but will be subject to the 70%/30% split with members and 60%/40% from non-members.
    Plants may be entered for sale by the auctioneers, but they will be subject to the $1 per bag fee—consider this for large bags of plants or rare/exotic specimens.
    The BUY-IT-NOW section will be restricted to SELLERS ONLY until 10:45 AM.

    Please consider offering private sales through the AAAA Forum.
    A Swap Meet will be held at the meeting the month before our auctions where you can sell fish, plants and dry goods/decor for a small table fee without any additional per item fee or split with the AAAA.

    These changes have been made to benefit everyone attending our auctions and will be reviewed by the Board after the auction. If you have any suggestions to improve our auctions, please contact members of the Board at the auction or any of our meetings.


    Ok. I’m admittedly computer illiterate but where can we find the already registered auction fish list?

    Cumming, Ga

    David Mercer

    Hi Rick, You can find the list right here!

    It is not instantly updated but will probably refresh at least one more before the morning if I had to guess.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Brian Revennaugh

    9:00AM – Auction setup

    10:00AM – Auction Registration – The internet based auction registration database (linked above) is taken offline and transferred our local auction server that will be at the auction location. Buyers and sellers will be able to register and register items at one of the laptops available at check-in. Those who have pre-registered using the link above, will be able to pick up their bidder card at this time. Trust me and avoid the long lines, pre-register now! It will save you and everyone else a lot of time.

    11:00AM – Auction begins

    See you at the auction!,


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