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    David Mercer

    On the previous forums we only had specific subforms for Cichlids and Plants. When making this one we wanted to try and expand that out to work on encouraging more posts and discussions about various fish species with the goal of the forums becoming a repository for useful information. To that end we started with very specific forums basically trending along the lines of the categories we have at the auctions. This ended up with a rather long list of subforms that would all be empty which didn’t seem like the best option.

    So we went back and forth and eventually settled on our current structure. Plants made sense to be on their own still as we have a lot of great planted tank hobbyists. Ponds and outdoor breeding seems to be a very popular topic so we wanted to promote that, it is also probably a great place to talk about creeks and rivers and collecting natives as well. We have some interest from Saltwater keepers and thought a home to discuss them without getting lost in with the more common freshwater posts made sense. Invertebrates are pretty popular in the club as well and it seemed like the best place to start breaking out into more specific categories. That of course brings us to fish, without randomly picking what we thought would get the most traction we went ahead and just split into hard water and soft water fish to give a little separation but not have too many subforums.

    Now after that history lesson, I want to know what everyone thinks. Does this sound like a good plan? How many posts about a specific category of fish before we should make its own subforum? Does frequency of those posts matter as well? Would you rather see less forums in general regardless of how many posts a specific category of fish get? And if you would like to see lots of more specific subforums then get to posting so we have awesome posts to fill them with!

    Lastly, I don’t want anyone feeling like this is a chore. If you aren’t sure where your post should go just put it in general. At some point in the future the mods will move it to the subforum that fits best. Also if you think something is in the wrong place feel free to tell a mod but there is no need to make a big deal, it will get moved at some point. If we add a new category we will go back and move all related posts into that subforum so no worries there either.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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