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    My 60cm cube tank is absolutely overrun with neocaridina shrimp and I’d love most of them to go to a local/good home. Please let me know if interested, I’m in the Reynoldstown area.

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    James Ashley

    Hi Kevin,

    Meant to answer earlier but I had a lot of trouble logging in for some reason. I would love to help you out. I work in Buckhead so can probably get down to you after work most days of the week. Let me know what’s best for you.



    I literally gave them away earlier today, I’m sorry. These things breed like crazy in my tank, so I’ll give you a ping when/if the population explodes again.

    James Ashley

    Awesome. Thanks Kevin!

    Jae Ren Yee

    Please notify me too. I have just bred blue velvet shrimp and crystal red shrimp. I could try a new color shrimp colony.

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    gretchen hanftwurzel

    I am interested for next round. TY

    William Beard

    If you happen to have any extra then would love to get some different colored ones from you at some point if possible.

    Alex Paine

    Iā€™d love to try my hand at shrimp. Please let us know if you have extras in the future. Thanks!

    Mehtab Chithiwala

    Would love to try these (they look gorgeous btw) in my tank. If they are still breeding like crazy and you have extras, I’d some to take some off your hands. Thanks!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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