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    Michael Perry

    This variety displays a beautiful gold body with red markings toward the tail and on each side of the head. The Golden White Cloud is a peaceful schooling fish that adds color and energy to the freshwater aquarium. This easy-to-keep minnow will do well in the community aquarium with other peaceful fish. The hardy and colorful Golden White Cloud adapts well to less-than-perfect water conditions, making it an ideal choice for beginning aquarists.

    If kept in a school of eight or more, the Golden White Cloud will be more active and colorful. A school of Golden White Cloud Minnows gives you a burst of radiant yellow color to the upper and middle levels of your aquarium.

    $2.50 each or buy 10 or more for $2 each. I’m located in Alpharetta (30004).

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    Kenneth Underwood

    I just wanted to say I got 10 of these from Michael last Friday and they are doing great. A unique fish that I have never had before and look forward to them growing and maturing. Michael is a stand up guy and I enjoyed our visit when I picked up the fish from him. I recommend you buy fish from him if he has what you want.

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