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Hard to manage species & BAP

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    Jill Bridges

    Curious about hard to manage/breed species, and how we handle that with BAP. For example, I’m working with licorice gourami, that are part of the parosphromenus project to save the species, as well as CARES. These guys have to have live food at all times, and honestly, I’d be terrified to upset their tank by trying to catch any, plus my colony isn’t really big enough that I’m comfortable sharing yet. I do have videos to show the offspring (3-5 each of two spawns).

    Do you think that for these types of situations, maybe we can substitute an in depth article or something in place of auctioning the fish? Curious as to others thoughts, and if there are other species that you feel this way about?

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    Jeremy Caswell

    The stated purpose of BAP is to keep the species moving through the club.

    It’s not enough to just show YOUR ability to successfully breed the fish, but to allow at least one other person the chance as well, instead of stockpiling in the hands of one individual.

    The Breeders Award Program (BAP) is established to recognize the accomplishments of AAAA members, to promote members’ involvement in breeding fishes, to gather and share information on breeding, and to provide a wide range of fish to the membership during auctions. In order to obtain points for fish a member must bring in a minimum of five young, at least sixty days old and put them up for the auction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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