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    Mike Lockhart

    Hey everyone. My name is Mike Lockhart, and I’ve recently fallen into the trap that is aquariums. This journey began as many do, with my daughter wanting a fish tank. The following three months from that fateful decision have been a ride, culminating in us successfully keeping alive a single cichlid in a 7gal tank. Others along the way were not so fortunate…

    It’s been a great experience for my daughter and me though. Along the way we’ve learned about the tank cycle, water changes, pH management, and much more. This Christmas she’ll be getting a 50-gallon upgrade for Hank (we’re pretty sure Hank is actually a female though). I swear that the upgrade is for her, not me!

    Our next planned project for the spring is a 150 reef tank. Yes, I hate my bank account :/

    I’ve also been thrust unexpectedly into helping my daughter’s school resurrect their aquaponics lab. It’s been unmanaged and dormant for a year and half due to staff turnover.

    Long story short, I’ve gone from 0-60 in no time flat. My kid and I are wicked excited about this new hobby.

    Jeremy Caswell

    Welcome to the forums!

    The bad news is, it doesn’t get better. There are always ore tanks to buy, and a new species catches your eye and you are redoing everything.

    Just for the record, I have been told a reef tank is a full time job’s worth of time investment. A former boss of mine kept a reef tank at the office for the purpose of being able to take care of it while at work.

    Good luck!

    David Mercer

    Welcome! That sounds very much like our journey into aquariums except we went with an explosion of smaller tanks rather than the size upgrade. Hopefully we can meet you at a meeting this year, there are often several kids at most meetings as well.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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