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    Hello everyone! My name is Jesse and I moved to the Atlanta area from South Dakota in fall of 2018. I’m still not quite used to the seasons around here (three growing seasons??? Flowers for sale on the middle of winter??)) But have otherwise enjoyed having more access to a variety of stores.
    I’ve been keeping aquariums since about 2016 and started with a 10 gallon brackish (SG around 1.008 to 1.012 iirc) with guppies, nerites, and ghost shrimp. I eventually got a tadpole from where I was working at the time (PetSmart) and she has grown into a super not graceful but still enjoyable leopard frog. She made the long drive down with me from South Dakota with my dog and is doing well.
    Currently I have 2 planted tanks. A 40 gallon breeder paludarium for the frog with a few fish (mostly lady platies, she doesn’t eat them), and a 20 gallon long with male platies and a small school of neon tetras.
    I hope to get a bit more into the hobby once I move to a new place. I would like to upgrade to frog to a 75 gallon and possibly keep a brackish tank again someday. Where I live right now I don’t have a lot of space for starting new projects, but I hope to change that after the move.
    The frog has a very unimaginative name, Froggo. As far as I know she is a southern leopard frog. She was a mystery tadpole that came with our feeder goldfish.
    I’ve kept mostly basic fish: live bearers, bettas, the odd pleco, shrimp, nerite snails, mystery snails, honey gourami, and a boring old crayfish.
    I don’t have many other hobbies, I do keep some house plants and succulents, and play a few games on my PC and Switch.
    I hope to learn more and continue in this hobby.

    Jeremy Caswell

    Welcome to the forums!


    We do not have what you would consider to be a winter here.  The part where you used to stand on, much less drive on, something that was once liquid water…

    The good news is that you do get a “Welcome South, Brother” and six times as many gardening days.  Depending on where you live, the water is delightfully soft, and frogs should like it too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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