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    Julie Daellenbach

    I’m Julie, currently living in Duluth, transplant to GA from CA.   I’m a stay at home crafty mom and homeschooler (2011 only child female).  Jill suggested I join the group, so here I am!
    My first fish tank happened because of a kickstarter as an offshoot of my plants habit.  I backed ecoqube, which claimed to be a really easy nano tank that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance because it has above water plants that have roots in the back tank area to help filter the water.  Low effort sounded good to me, so I was in.
    5 tanks later, I still tend to err on the side of low maintenance small freshwater tanks with lots of plants, both above and below water.
    I’d like to be better at aquascaping, but I really just toss a bunch of stuff in there and let darwin figure out what makes it.

    I’ve had betta, celestial pearl danios, endler’s livebearers, pygmy cory catfish, a pea puffer, and way more shrimp and snails than I can count.
    I currently have several tanks that are without critters, but still planted and running.  I just got an empty 10 gallon that I’ll start cycling soon.
    Nice to meet you all.  🙂

    Tim Evans

    Welcome Julie, my wife and I are from so.cal as well. Hope you enjoy the club… lots of cool folks in here with a lot of knowledge..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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