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    Julia Jeorge

    Hi there . This is great . a fish keeping group! I have looked for so long hoping the ATL area had something for freshwater hobbiests. I have had fish for over 20 years but feel I am still a newby. I am a 69 yr old woman ,disabled, living out here in the country with 2 dogs and a bunch of fish, dont know exactly how many fish, LOL. Right now I have just 2 tanks, a 20 gallon hex with 1 Betta and some cherry shrimp, and a 90 Gallon community with an assortment of easy keepers.

    William Beard


    If you are able to make it to the monthly meeting in Smyrna then always great to meet more people. The meetings are a good time to meet other hobbyists, learn more about many different topics, and to pick up some fun new goodies.

    Julia Jeorge

    hi, thanks for the welcome. yes, I am looking forward to meetings and plan to attend.

    Lynn Sweeney


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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