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    Nicole Rojas

    Hi AAAA members,

    My name’s Nicole and I just moved here from Seattle, WA. In the mists of unpacking I now have a moment to get down to “fishy stuff” as I call it.

    I was a member of GSAS for a brief time, unfortunately due to the pandemic all my time there was spent with people virtually. I am excited to be part of this club and see you all in person in the up coming meetings. I have been in the hobby for 12 years, and still am a beginner when it comes to some topics, there is always so much to learn. My current focus is working on my own guppy strain/cross breeding projects, and unconventional aquascaping. You can check out what I mean on my youtube channel, Guppy Girl – “fallen pot tank”. I used to try and fail at keeping aquarium plants, but after focusing on plants for these last few years I would say I am a fish and a plant person now. I enjoy planning out hard scapes, softscape and all the species I want to keep in the tank before setting a tank up, then watch it all come together as I had envisioned it. I also have a fascination for the micro organisms that live in our tanks. I have recently been trying to culture freshwater cyclops, seed shrimp, white hydra, photosynthetic hydra, planaria, and micro limpets so far. I am the type of person who can look at a piece of detritus under a microscope for hours; there is so much life in a single drop of water. Short term goals are to set up my first nano salwater tank, breed pangio shelfordii (since they are currently captured from the wild), breed hill stream loaches and raise amano shrimp larva to full maturity. Because I mainly focus on breeding guppies many of my tanks are just for pairs and fry grow out; the most tanks and tubs I’ve had at one time was 20.

    I am a house wife and lucky I can spend most of my time on projects and working in the fish room. I am also working towards making a small business focused on selling nano aquarium plants, while selling my guppy strains on the side. Other hobbies are drawing.

    I am the only one in my family that does fish keeping, but I have been trying to get my husband into it. He mainly likes saltwater corals and reef setups so my first saltwater tank will be a collaboration of his idea and mine.

    I am excited to meet everyone and go to the next auction as it will be my first auction ever!

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