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    Hi everyone, I’m Jason.

    I grew up in Haralson County, where I currently teach HS English.

    I got into the fish hobby about 10 years ago, but I took a break from it when my wife and I became parents. Our little girl is 5 now, and I’ve got just a *bit* more free time than I used to, so I’m slowly working my way back into fishkeeping. A few years ago, I was keeping a variety of species – angelfish, cherry barbs, platies, harlequins, black kuhlis, cherry shrimp – but at the moment I’ve just got some guppies and one lonely platy. My interest is mostly in freshwater nano fish and low-tech plants, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of those species.

    I found out about AAAA through a link on Aquarium Co-Op. I was going to join up last year, but then… well, 2020 happened. Anyway, hi, I’m your newest member as of tonight.

    Michael Garrow

    I pretty new to the association as well.
    I was hoping for a little more activity on the forums, but I suppose most activity is in the Facebook page.


    Hey Michael! I don’t use Facebook much, but I’ll check it out.

    Heather Moulton-Meissner

    Heyya.  Given how exhausting 2020 and 2021 have been, I am right there with you on low-tech plants.  I might actually go see what I can get away with using the Walstead method…


    I’ve never tried a true Walstad tank, but I’ve had good success with dirt substrates. Good luck with yours!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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