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    Julia Jeorge

    Today USPS left a box on my doorstep containing 3 Placat Bettas, all male all healthy , from Petzone Tropical Fish in San Diego. I called them to see what was up and they said that they shipped them to me in error. They asked me to ship them on to where they had to go of course I agreed, but when I said they needed to send little baggies to ship them in because the original ones were unusable and to also send the mailing label because I dont have a printer, it was just to much trouble for them and they said I should keep them!I didnt order these fish, didnt pay for these fish and cant house these fish.I would have to buy 3 small tanks, 3 filters , 3 heaters and 3 lights, aside from the fact that I have no place to put 3 extra tanks. I’m on a fixed income here, while free fish are nice I just cant house them as they should be housed,so, who would like free Bettas? You may have 1,2,or3?? This company is most calloused and irresponsible to their fish.FYI they are Pet Zone Tropical Fish, 4160ConvoySt, San Diego, California. If you would like these poor little fish please feel free to call me at home 770-226-4182, it is a landline, so no fax and I have no answering machine so please call until you get me I am disabled so sometimes cant get to the phone. Right now I am housing then in quart size glass jars with some Java fern and they are eating well.

    Charles Flores Valencia

    Pm sent


    Julia Jeorge

    hello Members! Thank you so much! Today a fellow from the club picked up the 3 Bettas and is giving them a home. It was a relief to see them go to a person who will take care of them and enjoy them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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