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    Brain teaser: If you had a 65 gallon (3’x18″x25″) tank that was empty, but ready to go (LED plant lighting, strong filtration).

    What would you put in it??

    And… go!

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    In this tank with black sand substrate, heavily planted (with plants reaching all heights), I’d look for 6 captive-bred Red Neon Blue-Eye Rainbowfish, 10 captive-bred Chili rasboras, 6 captive-bred gold laser corydoras, and a captive-bred Honey Gourami.


    Thanks! I’d not seen gold laser corys.

    I’ve opted to go this route:

    6-10 blackwing hatchetfish
    6 Longfin Panda Corydoras
    10 cardinal tetras
    10 rummynose tetras
    2 whiptail catfish
    2 bristlenose pleco (likely long fin)
    Red Racer Nerite Snails (if algae ramps up more than it has)
    10 orange sunkist neo shrimp

    Lots of vals, with some red lotus/lilly type plants for reach, and some red floaters and maybe a dwarf hairgrass for the foreground (it is rather deep so light won’t be great at that depth).

    In the future, I am considering getting 4 (small to start) red or yellow discus… still debating on that one due to the poor growth on plants once it hits mid80s temps.




    I’m not familiar with all the fish on your list, but because I know off-hand that panda corydoras don’t like temps as high as discus do, I would double-check the parameters required by all of these fish and make sure these requirements overlap.

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