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    Buck Meyer

    It is coming! The AAAA Fall Auction is Sunday, September 15. This is an auction-only event, which lasts most of the day. There are several changes which are important to note, especially if you are a seller. These were instituted by the Board of Directors after the last Spring Auction, where the number of items submitted for sale nearly exceeded the capacity and ability of those running the auction to sell within the time period allowed by the venue.

    First, there will not be any sales of “hard goods” so leave your tanks, filters and heaters at home. You can arrange direct sales to other attendees via this Facebook page, the club’s new web page and forums ( or the old web forums at, for as long as it lasts.

    Second, the Buy-It-Now section will be dedicated to plants and live foods/cultures. With BIN, the seller sets a price and the first buyer who is willing to pay that price can claim the item. A seller is allowed to lower the price if the original price does not attract a buyer. The seller/club split will be applied to the final sale price.

    Third, all items which are live-auctioned will be subject to a $1 bag fee. The seller/club split will be calculated after the $1 bag fee is deducted. This is a big change. Consider carefully the number of bags you bring to sell. Putting more fish into fewer bags may be a better seller strategy vis-a-vis fewer fish in more bags.

    As a reminder, the seller/club split is 70/30 for members, and 60/40 for non-members (side note – non-members are permitted to sell at the Spring and Fall Auctions, but not at the Monthly Meeting Auctions). You must be a paid AAAA member to receive the higher percentage. If you are a member of the Facebook page, have a web forum user name, or not currently listed as a paid member, you are not considered a “member” for calculating the auction split unless you have paid the annual membership fee. You may join on the day of the auction, and receive the better split. Better yet, join right now:

    Member: 70% of the sale price after the $1 bag fee
    Non-Member: 60% of the sale price after the $1 bag fee

    Many other details of the auction can be found here:

    One last item to remember for the Fall Auction: Priority Stickers. A Priority Sticker may be purchased by either a seller or a buyer, at a cost of $2. A Priority Sticker, when applied to a bag, ensures that the bag will move ahead of other bags without a priority sticker. While it might not guarantee that it will be the very next bag to be auctioned, it will cause the bag to be pulled from the viewing table and moved to the auction queue ahead of bags without a Priority Sticker.

    Is it worthwhile? There is a general consensus that auction prices tend to be higher at the beginning of the auction, and lower at the end of the day (for similar items, of course). For a seller, getting to the head of the line could mean higher bids and a better return. There is no guarantee that your item will receive a higher bid, but that is the trend.

    For a buyer, especially a buyer who has identified one or more specific items to bid on, the Priority Sticker allows a buyer to have items brought from the viewing area to the auctioneer sooner, and with better certainty as to timing. This is great if one wants to limit the amount of time spent at the auction, while still being certain that you will have a chance to bid on specific items. Have to go and coach the soccer team at 3? Use Priority Stickers to accelerate any items you want to be able to bid on, and still be out the door in time for soccer.

    Don’t forget to volunteer! We need your support.

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