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    My name is Wade and its been… 5 years since I’ve had a FW tank. I do, however, have a reef tank system (90 display+ 75frag tank + 150g sump).

    That said, I have a 180g, 40B, and 29G sitting empty in the basement and I am seriously considering getting the 180 full of water again.

    I was part of the Raleigh Aquarium Society for years, years ago, and stay in contact with a few of those folks, but I would like to get to know people who are more local.

    I’m in Tyrone (near Peachtree City) SW of ATL. Anyone else nearby?


    As to me – I’ve been keeping aquaria since pre-10 years old. I used to breed a number of marine species for fun. I have a doctorate in environmental toxicology, so I’m always keeping an eye on the science.  I’ve published chapters on reef keeping and many online articles (though that too has been a long while).

    So anyway, cheers to you all, and I hope to interact more soon.

    Buck Meyer

    Hello Wade, and welcome. Glad you found the club’s web site and introduced yourself. You will find activity here and also on our eponymous Facebook group. There is also a “members only” FB group should you decide to become a paid member.

    While the club is not holding any in-person events at this time due to you-know-what, there is an event coming up soon which may interest you. Several club members have arranged for an Aquatic Swap Meet on March 13 in Marietta. This is not an official club event. It is free to all buyers, and sellers are expected to make a donation to the church where we are gathering. You can find additional details at

    When we resume our monthly meetings, we will go back to hosting speakers and auctions. A typical monthly meeting attracts 60-80 aquarists, so if you are looking for others who have interests similar to yours, you will likely find these informative and fun to attend. We had been meeting at the Windy Hill Community Center. It’s an easy drive from Peachtree City.



    Thank you for the welcome (forgot to post after reading it).

    I joined the club a few weeks back – any hints as to the members only FB group? (I did post in the general group if someone wants to msg me there or here).

    I’m moving toward setting up my old 29g for swordtails and some plants (low tech) and plan to look for some shrimp in the future once plants start growing as well.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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