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    Garrett Stoykewich

    I am in the very early process of setting up a 55g planted tank. Smyrna is quite far north for me. I would like to know if there are any breeders closer to the 30269 area code.
    I’m looking for someone who has spent a few years on a line, and in the near future has the ability to provide a trio. I would much rather connect with someone local than to import or drive more than an hour.
    I love the Elephant Ear line.
    Again, I’m in the early stages and am not looking for fish right this moment, rather connect with a nearby enthusiast who has a hardy line.

    Jeremy Caswell

    I think Alex Fortier in newnan breeds some guppies. He lives in newnan… you can find him on facebook.

    The club meetings are only once a month (realistically eight times a year), and at that time on Saturdays it really only takes about 30 minutes to get up there and back up the west side of 285. Takes me 45 minutes and I avoid the interstate.
    They have high quality guppies on the cheap every mini auction. Attendance and bidding on items is free for non members. It is hard to target an individual trait however, as you are at the mercy of whatever they bring to the auction. But, as everyone is in one place, there are a lot of pre arranged sales from people all over the south east, so huge options.

    Good luck.

    Garrett Stoykewich

    I will have to eventually make my way up to one of the auctions, unfortunately, my schedule is dictated by my clients and ever-changing. It sounds like a good place to connect and find some hobbyists who have a stock of plants too. I appreciate the information, hopefully, I can track down Alex. A quick search didn’t produce much for me, but I’m not a facebook user out of personal choice. Would you happen to know an email address he might use?

    Jeremy Caswell

    I don’t know him; I have just seen him post a few times.

    I am fairly certain he had guppies at one time, but I have no idea what he is working on right now outside of corys.

    AAAA is the only reason I use Facebook. Or was. I have added yelling at Atl sports teams to my facebook time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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