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    Next Swap meet is coming!   Saturday, January 16th, 2021   11AM – 3Pm


    Open Bible Tabernacle Church,   Family Center/Gymnasium

    545 Lorene Dr SW,  Marietta, GA 30060

    This is going to be an indoor event this time. It’s a big space. However, space will be limited for “social distancing”. So probably limited to 20 spots.

    Reserve your spot at  aquaticswapmeet@gmail.com

    There will be a $10 donation to the church collected at the event for each spot.

    Free to all to come and shop. BRING YOUR MASK

    More info will be posted on Facebook, or message me if you don’t do Facebook



    I’ll be bringing a few Bristlenose Plecos, an assortment of Guppies, Severums, maybe some Yoyo loaches, and a few plants.

    Probably not as much as I have the last few times.

    Tim Spry

    Paul what bristlenose pleco’s do you have ?


    Not many at the moment.

    1 or 2 Albino Long Fins about 3-4 inches

    maybe 5 Brown Long Fins 2-3 inches

    4 Brown Regular Fins 2-3 inches

    This is pretty much a guess. I’ll have to go through the tanks and see what I find. Not sure on pricing yet, but they will be reasonable.

    Lots of little babies of the different varieties coming up, but still smaller then I like to sell. One inch or smaller.

    William Beard

    I will be bringing some platys, pelvicachromis pulcher, pelvicachromis subocellatus, a few bristlenose plecos, and probably a few other fish.

    Ryan Young

    I will be bringing

    Fish –

    Neolamprologus Multifasciatus $20

    Plants –

    Pogostemon helferi(HAP)$20, Crinum Calamistratum(HAP)$10, Hygrophila Polysperma var Tropic Sunset$10, Bucephalandra Sp. Belindae$10,  Hemianthus Micranthemoides$10, Cryptocoryne Balansae$10, Cryptocoryne Ponderifolia$10

    Dry Goods –

    Shrimp king tank(with light)$40

    2.5lbs CO2 $40

    Premium AQUATEK CO2 Regulator $20

    and what ever else I toss in the box.


    FREE just pick it up at my place.(just up Austel rd from swap meet)

    I have glass from 3 75gallons, I also have a 3 18×48 rims.

    AAAA Board of Directors
    HAP Chairman

    Beth Hall

     Looking for a CO2 system? – I have a Fosters Smith automatic system.  New in the box, never opened.  $375.

    Are you looking for a specimen fish?

    1 Albino Hecklii male that is awesome.  He’s about 5″.  Asking $50 for him.

    Proven pair of Chocolate Cichlids.

    Two 8″ Bala sharks.

    Two 5-6″ electric blue male acaras.

    Fish that need to make room for others: 

    Kribenzas – 10  1-1.5″,  5-6  3″   (BAP)

    Trout Goodeids  (BAP)

    Gold Dust Lyretail Mollies

    Yellow Tiger Enders plus octopus grass colony – at least 10 fish each colony.


    Hornwort, octopus grass, Jungle Val (HAP), maybe a red tiger lotus


    I haven’t decided if I’m going yet as I usually have work at 4pm, so I don’t know  if I’d be up for quickly transporting any leftover fish back home and going straight to work. If I go I plan on bringing angelfish and some floating plants and maybe Christmas moss and Java ferns.

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    Tim Spry

    Tell me about the bristlenoses you will be bringing. Size type and price. Thanks Tim


    Rachel, you could always pack up a little early if need be. It usually starts dying out around 2 anyway.


    That is an excellent idea! I may do that. I won’t have my work schedule till the end of this week so I won’t know for sure if I can come but I’m always scheduled 4- close on Saturdays so I’m going to assume I can go.

    Gosh I’m so nervous, it’ll be my first time selling something. Better go grab my spot!

    Mitchell Broome

    I’m not going to be able to bring everything on the list. If you want something specific, please let me know ahead of time so I can prioritize it. First come, first serve. I might be out of stock on some things if you don’t make the request early enough.

    Here is a gallery of the assorted species on the list: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Eteag7XvpHMxfp8m7

    corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $40
    corydoras zygatus (group of 6 young) $30
    corydoras habrosus (group of 6 young) $30
    corydoras cw140 (group of 6 young) $40
    corydoras panda – long fin (group of 6 young) $30

    paracheirodon innesi – neon tetra (group of 6) $20
    hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi – black neon tetra (group of 6) $20
    hemigrammus rhodostomus – rummynose tetra (group of 10+) $30
    pristella maxillaris – pristella/x-ray tetra (group of 8+) $20

    iriatherina werneri – threadfin rainbow (group of 6+ young) $40
    pseudomugil luminatus (group of 10) $60
    pseudomugil gertrude (group of 6 young) $30
    melanotaenia boesmani (group of 15+ young 1.5″) $50
    melanotaenia lacustris – turquoise rainbow (group of 10 young 2″) $60 (adults) $10 each

    betta rubra (pair) $20
    betta balunga (pair) $20
    betta imbelis (pair) $20
    betta smardgina – guitar (group of 6 young) $30
    betta edithae (pair) $20

    apistogramma atahualpa (group of 6 unsexed young) $30
    apistogramma borelii (young pair) $30
    apistogramma cacatodies – orange flash males $8 each

    dwarf cichlids:
    nanacara anomala (2 pairs) $25
    nanacara anomala (group of 6 young) $25

    shell dwellers:
    neolamprologus multifasciatus (group of 10+) $50
    lamprologus signatus (group of 6) $30
    lamprologus ocellatus – gold (adults) $10 each

    epiplatys annulatus – clown killifish (group of 6) $20.00
    nothobranchius guentheri – zanzibar (group of 6) $20.00

    ancistrus cirrhosus – std fin super red bristelnose (unsexed 1″ – 1 1/2″) $10 each
    ancistrus cirrhosus – std fin super red bristelnose (unsexed 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″) $12 each
    ancistrus cirrhosus – std fin super red bristelnose (unsexed 2 1/2″ – 3″+) $20 each

    desmopuntius rhomboocellatus – snakeskin barb (group of 8) $40


    Holy cow Mitchell that’s a lot of fish. That has got to be so cool to have. I’ll have to keep you in mind when I plan on buying fish again.

    And I got a spot! I’ll be going to the swap and selling ^^

    Christopher Taylor

    Mitchell, I’d like a pair of Betta rubra.

    Also, I can bring a single male Apistogramma macmasteri, approx. 2″ long. $10. If anyone is interested let me know. Otherwise I’ll be leaving him at home. I won’t be getting a booth.

    Mitchell Broome

    Mitchell, I’d like a pair of Betta rubra. Also, I can bring a single male Apistogramma macmasteri, approx. 2″ long. $10. If anyone is interested let me know. Otherwise I’ll be leaving him at home. I won’t be getting a booth.

    Will do on the rubra.

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