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    Josh Deyoe

    Anyone bringing african cichlids?


    Specifically peacocks and haps.



    is anyone wanting to share a table?


    is anyone wanting to share a table?
    if so message me 404-788-6780


    If anyone is interested in zebra plecos, I can meet you at the swap.  I won’t have a table.  Group of 5 for $500.  PM me if you are interested or have questions.

    Hung Do

    I will bring some fish food:

    – Baby Brine Shrimp Egg 80% hatch rate: $5/tube (10 gram)

    – Live Daphnia Magna: $5/bag (200+)

    – Live hatched baby brine shrimp: $5/bag (if anyone need i will bring)

    I will also bring some fancy strain guppies:

    – Albino Blue Topaz: $20/trio

    – Albino Red Koi: $15/pair

    – Albino Full Platinum: $20/trio

    – Albino Full Platinum Ribbon Swallow: $30/pair

    – Full Gold 24k: $20 for 2 pairs

    – I also have full gold 24k available for whole sale (above 30 pairs available) if anyone need to get best price.

    Here are video of them: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3671362649586846&id=100001394406897&sfnsn=mo

    You can contact me by #: (404)-333-4902

    Thank you! 😊


    Hung Do

    If the link above does not work, you can go to my Facebook and see those videos 😉


    Chris Gibbs

    would anyone be interested in a group of royal acaras (laetacara diadema)? I have a group I’d like to thin out. Will be at the swap meet tomorrow, won’t have a table though. Just message me if interested.

    Alex Reed

    I will be bringing:


    Yellow Lab Male 3.5″ $12 *has produced, ive got too many males..


    Albino Female 4″+ $15 *has produced very healthy fry

    Female Peacock 4″+ $10 *not sure exact species, im color blind and cant tell .. lol.

    I have a couple more misc female peacocks if anyone is interested. Just let me know and I’ll bring them too.

    Lake Victoria – from Imperial Tropicals, great quality fish!

    Python Island Hap (Pundamilia macrocephala) Male 3″ $20 *he is feisty! messes with my 6.5 Blue Ahli!

    Pundamilia nyererei 3.5-4″ Male $20 * great coloration, ive got 2 and only want 1 per tank.

    Can bring some rock if anyone is interested as well. Let me know. Ive got an hour drive so I plan to load up early… thanks!

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    Real Estate is a contact sport. Aquariums are a hobby for life!


    I have super reds ancistrus for $5 each around 1 1/2

    Hypancistrus L270 about 1″ for $15 each or $80 for group of 6

    Super red adult male $30

    Brown Bristlenose  adult male $20

    Thanks for looking



    what color mystery snails

    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    I am looking for a 20-25 gal tall aquarium. I have everything to run it except a stand but I can build one i I can’t find one cheap.  I will be at the swap meet.


    Tim Spry


    Hey Melissa,


    If you did not find a good home for Vance I have a 90 gallon with two zebra angelfish.

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