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    damian de avila

    Just trying to make time for other hobbies and so I want to make sure these guys move onto a new good home. I’m looking for 2000 for evething I have. Here is a list of the bigger items but there is more. Looking to sell all together not really willing to break up the stuff. Not really in a need to sell so not really in a hurry. Dm me here if interested. Don’t have picture of all of it yet but can take a picture of how my set up is now if needed. No looking to negotiate since I’m already selling this at a loss.

    • Red neon rainbow fish
    • JPN blue twin tail guppy
    • Beta fish
    • Amano shrimp
    • Lots of plants
    • 20 g tank
    • 10g tanks rimless *3 of them
    • Chihiro led for small tanks x2
    • New soil fluval shrimp
    • Matrix media for filter
    • New api test tubes & a lot of testing liquids
    • Oase biomaster filter
    • Bunch of meds
    • Plant fert
    • Oase 100 filter for small tank
    • Ada pro scissors
    • Twinstar alge device
    • Ada spring scissors
    • Ada pinsetters
    • Water change pump and other tools
    • Brine shrimp hatchery
    • USB air pumps
    • Sponge filters

    Co2 equipment

    • Co2 arts pro elite with 3 extra manifold
    • 4 check valves
    • 10 pound co2 tank
    • Soda stream adapter

    I’ll take the red neon rainbow. How much and how many?

    Mitch Miller

    What kind of plants?


    also interested in the rainbows

    damian de avila

    I’m really more interested in selling everything together instead of individual items. If you want you can take all of it for 2000. There are about 24+ red neon.


    I’ll pass on the 2000 Bob.

    Mitch Miller

    If you do split I’ll take like 10 rainbows maybe.

    damian de avila

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Don’t have individual images of each item since it’s all set up but here is my current set up</p>

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    Nicole Rojas

    I am intersted in one or 2 of the 10 gallon tanks. What are the dimensions so I can make sure they fit on my shelfs. And how much for each of those tanks setups? I figure they might be priced differently depending on inhabitants.

    Christopher Taylor

    If you change your mind about parting out, I’d be interested in the Amanos, the fluval shrimp substrate and possibly plants depending on what you have.

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