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    William Beard

    I know it is almost a month till the swap meet, but that will give plenty of time to sort through old aquarium stuff for the swap meet. I wouldn’t be bringing a great deal with me except for some bags of rock I no longer need or use. If they grow well between now and then, might have a bag or two of some different plants.

    What is everyone else planning on bringing?

    Ken Davis

    where is information on this posted, I have looked on the web page, forum and both Facebook pages.

    William Beard

    I haven’t been able to find anything other then it is supposed to be $20 for a table. Which that was in a comment somewhere but I dont remember if it was here or Facebook.

    William Beard

    An update to my list, here is what I am planning to bring with so far.

    Fluval eco led light (36in) bringing 3

    A few small bags of a rock and gravel mix

    Some plecos and cichlids that need to thin the heard a little.

    Tristan Vongkultrup

    Anyone bringing Grindal worm cultures?

    Brittany Majka

    Good evening all is anyone planing on bringing any Corydoras or Neocaridinia shrimp?  Thank you all for your time:)

    William Beard

    I think Mitchell is planning to bring some Corydoras. There is a number of people that work with shrimp, so chances are some will show up. If everything goes will then in May I will have some Corydoras aeneus in the auction.


    Brittany Majka

    Sweet. Thank you so much. I may have some red or orange neos available at the meet.

    Matthew Singley

    Here is what I have to bring.  It’s a lot so pre-orders would be appreciated.


    1. Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish
    2. Medaka Orange Ricefish


    1. Marigold Swords
    2. Neon Swords
    3. Green Swords
    4. Brick Swords


    1. White Mickey Mouse – Trio
    2. Electric Blue Mickey Mouse – Trio
    3. Peppermint Mickey Mouse – Trio
    4. Red-tailed Black Platy – Trio
    5. Gold Mickey Mouse – Trio


    1. Black Lyretail Mollies – Larry Jinks Line
    2. Gold Dust Molly – Trio
    3. Silver Molly – Trio
    4. Creamsicle Molly – Trio
    5. Dalmation Molly – Trio


    1. Arutus Cichlid – Golden Mbuna
    2. Ptyochromis sp. “Hippo Point Salmon”
    3. Ngara Flametail Peacock – regular and albino
    4. Super Red Empress (Protomelas Taeniolatus (Red))
    5. Taiwan Reef – Protomelas sp. “Steveni Taiwan”
    6. Rusty Cichlid – Iodotropheus sprengerae
    7. Neochromis Omnicaeruleus (Makobe Island) – Tricolor Fulu
    8. Otopharynx tetrastigma
    9. Haplichromis sp thick skin
    10. Kyoga Flameback
    11. Ruby Red Peacock
    12. Labidochromis sp Hongi
    13. Cobalt Blue Zebras
    14. Maylandia Greshakei
    15. OB Peacocks


    1. Red Cross Half/Black Red Guppies – Gordon Easterling’s Show Guppy Strain
    2. Bluegreen BI Guppies – Gordon Easterling’s Show Guppy Strain
    3. Dalmation Spotted Guppies
    4. Yellow Half black Guppies – Gordon Easterling’s Show Guppy Strain


    1. Green Texas Cichlids (3″-4″)
    2. Jewel Cichlid
    3. Mozambique Tilapia (2″)
    4. Flagfish (inventory low)
    5. Jaguars
    6. Turquoise Rainbows
    7. Trout Goodeids (CARES)
    8. Electric Blue Acara – adults and fry
    9. Neolamprologus multifasciatus


    1. Red Ram Snails
    2. Regular Ram Snail
    3. Pond/Bladder Snails
    4. Trumpet Snails


    1. Java Moss
    2. Water Lettuce
    3. Duck Weed
    4. Hornwort

    I will also have dry goods (food, nice synthetic plants (not plastic), filters, pumps, etc.. )



    Matthew Singley
    AAAA Treasurer
    Instagram: s2tropicals_official
    Fishroom: 180+ Tanks
    Breeding over 40 Species (Africans, Central American, South American, Live Bearers, Catfish)

    Dylan Jorgensen

    Anyone know the odds of there being discus at the meet?

    William Beard

    If there aren’t any at the swap meet, then I would be willing to bet there will be some at the big auction in april.

    William Beard

    Is anyone bringing any breeding pairs of cichlids to the swap meet?

    Ken Davis

    I posted a list in the sellers section of the forum

    William Beard

    I sent you a pm Ken.

    Brittany Majka

    Good morning all,

    I wanted to see if anyone is bringing Corydoras sp. cw009 green laser, albino Corydoras, long fin panda Corydoras, or ancistrus  cf cirrhosis long fin green dragons to the meet?  It does look like i will have some cherry neo shrimp and some blue and brown dwarf crayfish available to bring to the meet.  Thank you all for your time.

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