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    Matt Jones

    IM Nano fusion 20 for sale. Currently set-up as freshwater planted. Willing to part out once livestock is gone, or sell all together. Its been a great planted office tank. Haven’t refilled the CO2 in a week or two so some algae has come back. Always disappears as soon as I get the CO2 running again.

    IM Fusion 20
    IM in-tank caddy (fits in far left or right compartment)
    IM return pump
    Stand – Not IM. Regular black aquarium stand
    IM equipment $220
    Finnex Planted + 24/7 ALC LED light 24 inch $50 6 months old
    Marineland 75w heater $10
    5lb CO2 bottle
    Drop Checker
    Stainless steel diffuser.
    Cornelius 857A regulator
    CO2 setup $200
    JBJ ATO $15
    All sorts of ferts (Easy green, root tabs, excel carbon) Free to whoever buys livestock

    Current stocking:
    Numerous platys. 5 adults no idea how many babies from all different sizes 15-20 maybe
    Amano Shrimp- only ever see 2 of them but they get lost in the plants
    Nerite snails- 3 or 4
    Albino Cory – 1
    Anubias Nana
    Dwarf Chain sword
    Java Fern
    Cryptocoryne Lutea
    Bacopa Carolinia

    All livestock – $30 – Algae has returned since lack of C02 and maintenance neglect on my behalf. 


    Take all of it for $400 OBO


    Moving shortly so need to sell all, make an offer.



    Matt Jones

    If anyone knows of a school or hospital that would want the livestock I’d be happy to donate it to a good cause.

    Michael Perry

    Where are you located?

    Matt Jones

    I’m in north Decatur off N. Druid Hills

    Shailesh Shanbhag

    hi, interested in the fish and plants if available.

    Matt Jones

    Livestock, tank, stand, ATO, & light pending. CO2 system is still available.

    Matt Jones

    livestock, tank, & light sold. CO2 system still available. $200 OBO make an offer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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