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    David Mercer

    So what hobbies other than fishkeeping does everyone have? Not that we should be spending even more on other things šŸ˜.

    I am a huge Board game fan, not so much the older games most of us grew up on but modern “designer” games. Haven’t quite worked up to going to a board game con yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if its in my future at some point. I have convinced at least one of my kids of the awesomeness of games as well.

    Jeremy reminded me, I am a HUGE Atlanta United fan and soccer fan in general.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Jeremy Caswell

    PC gaming. Got hooked on MMOs in 1999 and never broke free. Currently playing World of Warcraft Classic.

    I still consider myself a Battletech hobbyist… Though I played my last game in the mid 90s.

    I also torture myself religiously in devotion to my Atlanta sports teams.

    Jakub Lapinski

    I’m with Jeremy. PC Master race!!!

    I was a huge WOW player/raid back in the day.

    Currently playing…

    – Farming Simulator
    – Borderlands 3
    – Witcher 3 (Best game every made imo)
    – Cities Skylines
    – Planet Coaster
    – Destiny 2
    – Overwatch
    – PUBG
    – Apex

    I also love backpacking and hiking with my wife/brother/cousin/ and dog.

    Josh Deyoe


    Atlanta United (MLS)
    Tottenham Hotspur (EPL)
    Coach my sons U14 soccer team
    Play in an adult league

    Saltwater and freshwater fishing

    Danny George

    Video gaming (PC and PS4) and tabletop gaming

    Jonathan Taylor

    Joined AAAA because I was interested in getting into planted aquariums and end up meeting some folks who like soccer, gaming and tabletop as well!Ā  2 for 1 deal!

    Currently into PC gaming: MWO, MW5, World of Tanks, ARK, Planet Coaster, City Skylines and was into Farming Sim but kinda burned myself out.

    Would love to get into some Battletech tabletop but haven’t had much luck finding folks in the area that play it.

    Of course an Atlanta United fan and a long time Fulham fan from the old Brian McBride days.




    A hobby is something someone does often and constantly does well at. I guess that means school and homework are two of my hobbies.šŸ˜•


    Roses are red,
    Violets are purple,
    Or are they blue?
    Either way,
    I love my fish,
    and so should you!


    Gardening, I love to grow things. Aquarium water is great for growing things.

    Richard Indelicato

    Coin collecting, gardening (agree with Paul on using the aquarium water – also, coffee grounds are good for acid loving plants like blueberries and azaleas) and landscaping for me.

    Chris Gibbs

    I like gardening decorative and edible, I collect aquarium related books. And Iā€™m big into espresso, not sure if you could call it a hobby but I have invested into a decent machine at home and I can make a acceptable cappuccino. Also learning how to repair a double boiler espresso machine.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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