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    Hi everyone,
    So LiveAquaria doesn’t allow you to alter, adjust, or cancel orders, nor do they tell you that they cross-duplicate carts across devices. So I ended up ordering twice as many fish as I can accommodate. I intended to get 6 Gold Dust Mollies and 12 Ember Tetras. Instead they’re sending 22 tetras and 14 mollies.

    I spent all morning in emails and on the phone and have complained but they refuse to put the lives of animals before profits, even when threatened with being reported to animal rights agencies and consumer protections agencies. It’s frustrating and disappointing because I’ve had such a great experience there in the past.

    I’m just looking to rehome the extras. They haven’t even shipped yet which makes it even more aggravating. Is there anyone that would be interested in taking them? I’m new to ATL and don’t know any other aquarists, and I don’t have the space quite yet to establish another sizeable tank. I’d like to recover some of my costs if possible, but ultimately if someone can’t pay but can take them, I just want to avoid euthanasia. I live in Marietta but spend a lot of time in Brookhaven/Druid Hills. I’ll keep them for some time if there aren’t any takers, but they’ll have to go before they’re fully grown.


    Ryan Young

    That’s lame. I have had good experience with them. I would wait and see what shows up and give it a couple weeks. They have always honored their live arrival policy for me.

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    Jeremy Kidd

    Hi Adam,


    I may be able to help you out! Text me at 678-425-5665.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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