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    Jill Bridges

    I’m seriously considering focusing on just my CARES species, angels and Liam’s show guppies. The following will be available if I decide to do this, just posting now to gauge interest:

    Long-fin blue leopard danios (Brachydanio frankei var blue)- breeding colony, produces 100+ eggs every 3 days.
    Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)- breeding colony, produces 20+ eggs every 3 days, more with live foods.
    Glowlight danio (Danio choprai)- breeding group of 5, produce about a dozen eggs every 3 days.

    Orange Medaka rice fish (Oryzias latipes, var. “Youkihi”)- breeding colony
    Platinum Medaka rice fish (Oryzias latipes)- breeding colony
    Diasy’s ricefish (Oryzias woworae)- young breeding group

    Red Stripe Killifish (Aphyosemion striatum)- young adult pair

    False Juli (corydoras trilineatus)- about 8, proven breeding group
    Albino & Green (Corydoras aeneus)- have tons, both colors and all sizes
    Misc. Masked/spotted cory (sold to me as Corydoras agassizii, but looks to be a mixed group + one fairy cory) They school together and are fun for a community tank.
    Corydoras venezuelanus- young group, includes one black

    Tangerine mollies- dozen or so young mollies
    Jarawee lazuli guppies- F2 of imported fish from Jarawee Farms in Thailand

    M/F Pair of red/purple bettas that live together peacefully.

    Proud Fish Nerd.
    Ask me about the CARES Program!

    Stewart Pence

    Hey Jill, I’m intrested in the leopard and glowlight danios.


    I’d be interested in the CPDs.


    I know this is an older post but the tangerine mollies would be of interest to me. I’d take the entire group if they were still available.

    same for Corydoras venezuelanus- young group, includes one black.

    William Beard

    I know this quite an old post, wanted to see if you happened to still have the rice fish and the killifish.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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