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    We are having a Swap Meet, July 31, 2021  11am – 3 pm

    Like last time it will be indoors, inside “The Family Center” or gymnasium at Open Bible Tabernacle Church, in the lower parking lot. 545 Lorene Dr. SW, Marietta, GA 30060

    This event is free to attend, and shop for everything aquarium related. Locally bred fish and aquatic plants, equipment, tanks, etc., you never know what you will find.

    Tables are $20, reserve them in advance, send an email to aquaticswapmeet@gmail.com you will receive a confirmation email in a day or two. Prepay with PayPal at treasurer@atlfishclub.com
    Tables and chairs provided, so leave yours at home. There are a few electrical outlets available, first come, first serve. Setup starts at 10 am. You may want to consider bringing a cart or something to get your stuff in and out.

    Only have a few items to sell? We will have the club table available. No more then 3 bags/items, 70%/30% split with the club.

    No food this time, but we will have drinks available.

    Can’t wait to see you there!!!

    Josh Oyler

    Hey all!

    I will be bringing a ton of mutt fancy guppies.

    5 Australian rainbow fish (~4 inches)

    1 black and blue betta

    2 zodiac loaches

    1 Chinese algae eater (~4 inches)



    Here’s my stuff

    –Got guppies?!? I’m letting them go at feeder prices. – 10 for $1 Message me and I will bring them for you. They are all healthy, mixed guppy/endlers. No pick at this price.

    –I will bring a few of the nicer guppies for $5 bags

    –Bristlenose Plecos, Albion short & long fins, Brown short & long fins. Prices and sizes very. I will not know exactly what I will have until I start pulling their tanks apart, here are some examples.

    1.5 inch, Albino Short Fins $3 each

    2 inch, Albino & Brown short fins $4 each

    4 inch, Marbled Long Fins $20 each

    And a lot of plecos in-between

    –Trout Goodeids/Llyodon Furcidens, about 2 inches $5 each

    –Cherry Shrimp, medium grade $1 each, bags of 10 or 20

    –I’m sure I will have some plants, and maybe on odd ball or two. Depends on how much time I have…

    Bridgett Bass

    I’ll be bringing

    Tuxedo Guppy Fry Pack

    Black Lace Guppy Females

    Low Grade red Neo Shrimp

    Wild Type Neo Shrimp

    Hero Rotkeils

    High Color Angel’s about half dollar size

    Mystery snails 4 for $1

    and a lot of Guppy Grass

    Ken Davis

    My current list, preorders are   welcome                                                                                                                                                                                                                               South Americans-
    Australoheros scitulus Rio Cuaro 1-1.5″ $10
    Australoheros scitulus Rio San Juan 1-1.5″ $10
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 1-1.5″ $5
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 2-2,5″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Gajo” 1/2-1″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus australis F0 female Constitucion 4″ $25
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Rio San Juan” 1/2-1″ $10
    Heros rotkeil 1″ $5
    Central American-
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua1-2″ $10,
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3.5″ $20
    Amphilophus labiatus F2 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua. adult males 5-7″ $50.00 4 barred, 1 orange
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 1.5-2″ $10
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3.5″ $20 few
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Claro 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Monga 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Monga 1.5-2.5″ $10
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Danli .5-1.5″ $10
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Danli “Platinum” 1/2″ $10
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus Calico 1-1,5″ $5
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus platinum/pink 1″” $5
    Amititlania kanna .5-1″ $10
    Parachromis montoguense Rio Copan 1-1.5″ $10
    Parachromis managuensis Honduras 1-1.5″ $10
    Paratheraps fenestrada Lago Catamaco 2-2.5″ $5
    Paratheraps fenestrada Lago Catamaco 3-4″ $10
    Calico HRP: Amatitlania HRP x Calico Convict, (calico with red fins and blue highlights in the body). F4 1/2-1″ $10
    Catamaco fenestrada x wild citrinellus, White mother, yellow father, peeling very young, all peeled fish are white, yellow, creamesicle or blue SPECIAL! 2-3″ $5, 3″ + $10
    Red Chancho F6 back crossed to pure male chancho in each generation (99% chancho now genes and still fade) 1″ $5, 1.5-2″ $10, 2.5-3″ $15, 3.5-4.5″ $25
    Pelvicachromis pulcher Albino 1″ $5
    Gambusia holbrooki with spotted males, $10 trio

    Ken Davis

    I have decided not to come because the mask mandate was dropped, I also will not do the Fall auction for the same reason. Ken

    Bridgett Bass

    Hey guys I unfortunately can’t make it due to an ankle injury with upcoming surgery. If your interested in anything I can do pick in Dacula.

    Heather Moulton-Meissner

    Dry goods from me this time. 🙂

    Bag of Massivore

    3 10 gallon tanks with lids (pending)

    2 gallon tank

    5 gallon tank lid

    Resin logs/hides

    Glass 10 gallon lids

    A few air pumps for 10-30 gallon tanks

    33 gallon bowfront with lid and black stand

    2 gallon MetaFrame

    24″ T5Ho lamp, 4 tubes with separate timers for sets of 2 lights

    Small paintings of an oscar and peacock bass

    Complete HOB filter for 10 gallon tank

    New in Box Aqueon clamp light for 5-10 gallon tanks


    Heather Moulton-Meissner

    Ken, BoD has decided to require masks per updated CDC guidance on July 28th. C’mon up.


    I considered going but now that the mask mandate is reinstated, I’m going to skip.

    Pat Riggins

    I will be bringing the following species to Saturday’s swap meet

    • Berlin Swordtails
    • Kohaku Swordtails
    • Sanke Swordtails
    • Black Lyretail Mollies (males only)
    • 1 – Clown Loach
    • Black Moscow Guppy Trios
    • Young Red Dragon Guppy Pairs
    • Limia Dominicensis
    • Pair young adult standard Albino Bristlenose
    • Angels – Many sizes & colors (including a few nickle size full coverage Koi)
    • Red Spot Severums
    • Various other odds and ends – depends on what I have time to pack


    Pat Riggins

    Hi Bridget, do you have any photos of your high coverage angels? I’m looking for some with lots of orange coloration.


    Bridgett Bass

    Yes I’ll pm you

    David Ramsey

    David Ramsey Maybe this is my final list. Been bagging most of the day.

    Betta female spawned last weekend $5
    Betta Male Blue Doubletail $7
    Betta Female Blue $5
    Betta Male Combtail $7
    Epiplaty dageti pair $10
    Epiplaty dageti pair $10
    Fundulopanchax gardneri N’sukka pair $10
    Fundulopanchax gardneri N’sukka pair $10
    Black Chin Livebearer-Girardinus metallicus 2 pairs $15
    Apistogramma cacatuoides Triple Red 4 males $15
    Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange pair $30
    Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange pair $30
    Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange pair $30
    Apistogramma cacatuoides Orange pair $30

    Total of 26 bags of plants

    Riccia $3
    Riccia $3
    Pond plants Golden Swords or striped variegated Rush plants $10 (5)
    java moss  couple of bags
    java fern several bags, different sizes
    anubias barteri  several bags, different sizes
    anubias nana several bags, different sizes
    Cryptocoryne wendtii 5 bags

    Christie Lyons

    I’m bringing some bags of plants & moss, as well as some paradise fish, black guppies, half-black yellow guppies, and a mixed swordtail group.  :-). Looking forward to the swap!!!


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