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    Victor G Castaneda

    Hello, I’ll be bringing the usual. If you want something send me a msg and you can pre order because I wont be bringing as many shrimp as I usually do. I also have some lemon blue eye plecos juvi I could bring.

    Black Rose 10+1 $55
    Blue Dream 10+1 $45
    Sakura Cherry 10+1 $30
    Snowball 10+1 $30
    Orange Eye Blue Tiger 5 $45
    Tangerine Tiger 5 $30

    Panda Pair $15
    Panda Fry Pack 5 $15
    Gold-Red Lace Pair $15
    Gold-Red Lace Fry Pack 5 $15

    Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail 1/4 inch $10 each, nice shell

    Java Moss $5
    Hornwort $5
    Guppy Grass $5
    Hooker Moss (slow grower) $10
    Subwassertang $8

    Edgar Walker

    HI, I’m a rare Pleco and Cory collector and I need to make room for some new projects so I will be bringing some of my proven breeding groups. I will bag them up separately so you can pick the ones you want.

    I will be bringing:

    5-Hand picked WC Leopard Frog L134 Pleco‘s (Proven Adults that just started breeding a few months ago) this is the entire group. These were picked because they have more spots than average.
    5-Golden Dragon Bristlenose Plecos (Proven Adults that just started breeding a few month’s ago) this is the entire group of these also.
    12-L236 Hypancistrus Plecos RB Basics (Proven Adults) These are the German line that produces the Super Whites. They have produced Super Whites but I don’t have any Super Whites available right now.
    2-L136 B Plecos (Adults).
    6-young Snow White Bristlenose Plecos, These are the pure German line.
    Maybe a few surprise singles from my collection also.
    If you want to preorder send me a message.


    Ken Davis

    This is my list of what is available, I will not have all of these with me. I have learned not to pack to many bigger species, so if you want those pre-order. email me at fishfarmusa@comcast.net  Ken

    South Americans-
    Australoheros scitulus Rio Cuaro 1-1.5″ $10
    Australoheros scitulus Rio San Juan 1-1.5″ $10                                                                                                                                                                         Australoheros sp Local 1-1.5″ $10
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 1-1.5″ $5
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 2-2,5″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Gajo” 1/2-1″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Rio San Juan” 1/2-1″ $10
    Heros rotkeil 1.5″ $5,  2.5-3″ $10                                                                                                                                                                                                Gymnogeophagus mekinos Taucarembo. Adult wild male $25                                                                                                                                   Gymnogeophagus australis, Adult wild Female $25                                                                                                                                                                       Guianacara sphenozona Adult proven breeder female $25                                                                                                                                                                         I have more Uruguay species, but the fry are small, (1/2″).
    Central American-
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3.5″ $20 few
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 1-2″ $10
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3.5″ $20
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Claro 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Monga 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Danli “Platinum” 1-2″ $10
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus Calico 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus platinum/pink 1-2″ $5
    Amititlania kanna 1″ $10
    Parachromis montoguense Rio Copan 1-1.5″ $10
    Parachromis managuensis Honduras 1-1.5″ $10
    Paratheraps fenestrada Lago Catamaco 3-4″ $10
    Calico HRP: Amatitlania HRP x Calico Convict, (calico with red fins and blue highlights in the body). F4 1/2-1″ $10
    Catamaco fenestrada x wild citrinellus, White mother, yellow father, peeling very young, all peeled fish are white, yellow, creamesicle or blue SPECIAL! Faded fish ,2-3″ $5, 3″ + $10, Unfaded 3″+ $5
    Red Chancho F6 back crossed to pure male chancho in each generation (99% chancho now genes and still fade) 1″ $5, 1.5-2″ $10, 2.5-3″ $15, 3.5-4.5″ $25
    I have all grades of Crystal Red Shrimp and will bring bags of all of them, I need to thin out the herd some. so probably 10-15 bags. These will be priced right! I also will be bring singles of adult fish, African and Central American.  Maybe 10-15 fish from 3-8″ Breeding season has started and I don’t need fish I can not bred this year. Let’s deal! (I am sure in the next two weeks I will see at least 10 more things to add to the list)


    Victor G Castaneda

    Edgar I sent you a PM


    Does anyone have Otto cats?

    Mitchell Broome

    Here is the initial list of what I can bring to the swap. As always, I’m won’t have time to bring everything so if you want something, let me know ahead of time.

    Got some new stuff available this round. Things like apistogramma abacaxis, some parosphromenus bintan and pairs of betta patoti. More of the less common corys like cw097, schultzi “black” and scleromystax prionotos. Also trying to get rid of a couple of breeding groups to clear out some space so a group of long fin panda corys and a group of corydoras weitzmani.

    I’m also going to bring in some odds and ends species. Things where I only have one or two left of breeding pairs/groups. So there will be some uncommon corys and probably an oddball apistogramma or two.

    I am debating bringing in some lamprichthys tanganicanus (tanganyika killifish) eggs. They are an amazing fish, but they are really sensitive when they are very young. So if I do get some interest in them, you need to ensure your prepared to raise them. It’s not hard, you just need to treat them with kid gloves for a while. They do seem to eventually grow out of that, but early on, they are very delicate.

    Here is a photo gallery of most of the available species: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kEkTWsLows7wbh6R9

    apistogramma abacaxis (group of 6 unsexed young) (BAP) $80
    apistogramma atahualpa (pair) $30
    apistogramma sp “steel blue” (pair) $30

    betta patoti (pair) $40
    betta balunga (pair) $20

    corydoras cw097 (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50
    corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $60
    corydoras panda – long fin (breeding group of 10+) $120
    aspidoras poecilus (group of 6 young) $70
    scleromystax c112 (group of 6 young) $90
    scleromystax prionotos (group of 6 young) (BAP) $90
    corydoras schultzi “black” (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50
    corydoras weitzmani (breeding group of 8+) $180

    ancistrus cirrhosus – long fin green dragon bristelnose (unsexed 1 1/2″) $20 each

    shell dwellers:
    neolamprologus multifasciatus (group of 6) $30
    lamprologus ocellatus – gold (adult) $10 each
    lamprologus signatus (pair) $30

    synodontis petricola (group of 6 young) $60
    cyprichromis leptosoma (6 young) $60
    lamprichthys tanganicanus (10 eggs) (BAP) $50

    limia perugiae (group adults + young) $20
    characodon lateralis – Los Berros (group of 5 young) (CARES) $50

    dwarf cichlids:
    amatitlania nanolutea (CARES) (2″+ young) $10 each

    parosphromenus bintan (group of 6) (BAP) $30

    Caroline Deason

    Hi Mitchell,

    I’d be interested in the following:

    corydoras cw097 (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50
    corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $60

    corydoras schultzi “black” (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50


    Mitchell Broome

    Hi Mitchell, I’d be interested in the following: corydoras cw097 (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50 corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $60 corydoras schultzi “black” (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50 …..Caroline


    All of the adolfoi I have available got snapped up quick, so I’m out of those.  But I’ll make a note for the cw097 and black schultzi.

    Carey Lott

    Anyone bringing cardinal tetras or gouramis?  If the price is low enough, I am looking for at least 10-15 cardinal tetras.

    I’m looking for some more color for my tropical freshwater community tank and it definitely has to be inexpensive.


    Caroline Deason



    Do you still have the green dragon.  Also are you close to the Gwinnett area


    Looking for neo shrimp (doesn’t have to be grade A) and dwarf crayfish. Also, guppy fry or even full-grown guppies are great too. Moss would also be great!!

    Victor G Castaneda

    Alex, how much for the 5.5 G tanks?

    Aaron G

    Anybody interested in a zebra plecos?

    Trying to get funds to get a 125 gallon tank.

    Ashley Renae


    Id love to get some of your cherry shrimp. How many will come with $10/$20 bag?

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