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    Swap Meet May 29th 11 -3 PM

    545 Lorene Dr SW, Marietta, GA 30060


    This is the spot to share what your bringing.

    Buck Meyer

    Decaps – decapsulated brine shrimp eggs.

    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    Here is what I will bring to the swap meet.

    If you see something you want I will hold it for you.

    1.   4 inch albino red oscar   $20

    1.    3.5 inch lutino oscar    $20

    1.    5 inch Gold severum   $25

    2.   3-4 inch albino female bristlenose $15 each

    1.    5 inch Vampire Pleco                  $90

    The pics of the Vampire and bristlenoses and not actually the fish

    but look the same except the female bristlenoses don’t have bristles on head.

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    Tim Spry

    Here is 2 more pics.

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    Josh Oyler

    I will be bringing some mutt fancy guppies. Probably 20 or so.  They will be about 8 weeks old.

    Jill Bridges

    Guppies- greens, purples, panda, double swords, etc.

    Betta ocellatao- 1″ juveniles for BAP

    Plants (not sure what just yet)

    Cholla Wood

    Likely some tanks and random supplies

    Proud Fish Nerd.
    Ask me about the CARES Program!

    David Ramsey

    Available for May Swap meet or pickup.  Let me know what to bring.
    Check davidwiththefish.com/available   for changes to the list.
    Fundulopanchax gardneri N’sukka pairs
    Fundulopanchax gardneri P82 pairs
    Fundulopanchax gardneri Inideere pairs
    Epiplatys dageti pairs
    Fundulopanchax scheeli pairs

    Apistogramma cacatuiodes Triple Red pairs
    Apistogramma cacatuiodes Orange pairs

    Neolamprologus multifasciatus (shellies)

    white worms (pre-order only because of refrigeration)
    vinegar eels

    Java Moss

    Elderberry plants
    Various vegetable plants, tomato, pepper

    LOOKING FOR grindal worms, daphnia

    David Ramsey



    Anyone interested in a few male Apisto Panduro? I hatched a batch and got more boys than girls. They have great personalities and make a good focal point in a community tank, they are about 8 months old. Free to good home…😊

    Josh Oyler

    Yes I would love some! Gotta get that BAP 😂

    Tim Spry

    The two oscars and the gold severum from my above list are on hold. To be picked up at the swap.



    Richard Indelicato

    Bringing to the May 29, 2021 Swap Meet / BBQ.

    3 Koi Angelfish (unsexed – coffee cup body size – 2 standard fin & 1 veil tail)

    4 Koi Angelfish (unsexed – silver dollar body size – all standard fin)

    Colony of 7 adult fancy guppies (4 females and 3 males)

    Colony of 8 adult pineapple swordtails (mostly, if not all, females)

    2 adult lyretail swordtails (males)

    Bridgett Bass

    Hi Richard I sent you a pm

    Bridgett Bass

    Sample of what I will be bringing

    Small pieces of Java Fern

    Wild Type neocaridina shrimp

    Tuxedo Guppies-Males only

    Small Mystery Snails

    Pothos Plants



    Hey David Ramsey, can you text me pictures of your triple reds my number is 4047886780

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