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    Michaël Pourreau

    You may reserve a space by emailing aquaticswapmeet@gmail.com Spaces will be $20 this time. Along with your space you will receive 2 food vouchers, lunch for two! You may split a spot with a friend, however it must stay within the given space. Spaces are open to all, you don’t have to be a club member. Setup starts at 10 AM. You are responsible for your own setup, bring your own table and tent. You can pre pay with PayPal at treasurer@atlfishclub.com or you may pay in cash at the event. Reservations will be cut off at 9 PM the night before.

    David Ramsey

    I have a really nice 36 gallon tank. 36″ x 12″ x 21″. Basically it is a 30 gallon tank that is 4 inches taller. Really nice height for big angels or some discus. Brand is ‘Deep Blue’? something like that. Means it has heavier thicker glass than the bargain tanks. $35. I will only bring it if someone wants to buy it. I just do not keep fish that are big enough for this size tank.

    I will also have fundulopanchax scheeli pairs available.


    Christopher Taylor

    Accidental reply. Meant to PM. Please delete.

    Bridgett Bass

    I also bring white worm cultures

    Scott Mitchell

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I plan to bring plakat bettas.   Please let me know the interest and I will bring as many as needed.   We have about 250 at the moment form the last spawn.  Also I am going bare bottom so I will be bringing many plants from those tanks being switched over.  Amazon sword. Java fern and large type anubias   Also have guppies.  But it sounds as if there will be plenty there already    I have tuxedo red tails and red tailed dumbos.   I also have discus born on 3/1/21.  The parents are shown in pic.  They are about the size of a 50 cent piece but I will only pack these if serious interest is shown.    We are traveling up from Augusta    89FB9BAA-6A61-4662-A8F8-F9782CAA9C323CE897F7-CBCB-4FD1-80FA-3DAC5DD9AF625DBBCF05-BCED-4AFC-9F98-D885AA053F56</p>

    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    Here is what I will bring to the swap meet.

    If you see something you want I will hold it for you.

    1.   4 inch albino red oscar   $20

    1.    3.5 inch lutino oscar    $20

    1.    5 inch Gold severum   $25

    2.   3-4 inch albino female bristlenose $15 each

    1.    5 inch Vampire Pleco                  $90

    The pics of the Vampire and bristlenoses and not actually the fish

    but look the same except the female bristlenoses don’t have bristles on head.163416932_172807661229289_1532647912105695250_n165172185_458033758777951_8699161624611227284_n25336bf3e4f4f83e84fe39369f549fbc

    Gray Elliott

    Apisto Panduro would look very nice in my community tank.  Any chance of getting before the swap meet?  I am in the Cumming/Johns Creek area.

    Ken Barra

    how old/big is a good size for Bolivian Rams to bring to the swap meet?

    I can bring 20+ adults, born last April

    One batch of fry was hatched May 4th, and another was hatched April 5th.

    April 5th batch has been feeding on blood worms and frozen brine shrimp. Approx .75″

    May 4th fry are feeding on fresh hatched brine shrimp.  3/8″

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    Tim Spry

    Hi Guys

    I have a 125 gal tank to sell 72x18x22. Was told it holds water but never filled it. Has a repaired center brace. $200.  Let me know if interested as I might not bring it sense we will be inside instead outside.


    Tim Spry

    Salvador Lopez

    Hi Tim , I messaged you about the two Oscars and the gold severum .
    thanks !


    I am looking for Corydora Hastatus, like theses little  guys.inbound464263360579981693


    UPDATE !!!

    Do to concerns about the hot weather, we are moving the event indoors. We don’t want to cook the fish and shrimp. Same address, we will be in the Family Center/Gymnasium, in the lower parking lot behind the sanctuary. We will have signs.

    Do not bring your tents, tables and chairs. The church has requested that we use their stuff in order to protect the painted concrete floor. I know that there is power, but not sure how many outlets there are.


    I have a lot of Severums n a lot of polar parrots single or by groups

    Michael Garrow

    I am bringing five baby Apteronotus albifrons (Black Ghost Knifes,) 65 to 75 days old.

    These will be a part of a silent auction with all proceeds going to the Association.


    David Ramsey

    Also can bring Corydoras panda, Corydoras arcuatus (skunk) and Corydoras CW10  Orange Lasers (half grown). Cherry Barb pairs.


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