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    Heather Moulton-Meissner

    The Swap Meet tables are halfway sold! Why consider getting one for our next meeting this Saturday? Read below, in Jill’s (our club’s VP) words below:

    The swap meet is a new part of the event that we’re trying out to help alleviate the number of
    items at the big auction. The September auction will not have a dry goods “Buy It Now” area, so
    we encourage you to bring those tank, filters, heaters and other gear to the swap meet instead.
    You are also welcome to bring fish and plants!

    This is a great way to make sure that you can ask
    and receive a fair price for fish you aren’t willing to chance at auction. You also won’t have the split that you’d normally have during the auction- just a flat $10 table fee. Win-win!
    We only have 17 tables available. You are welcome to share table space with other members.

    Tables are available on a first come first serve basis. To request a table please email me at
    jill@optimizedscribes.com. I will respond and let you know if your spot has been reserved and
    give you your table number. If you’d like to share a table, please note that (and what type of
    items you are selling) and I’ll try to pair you with someone.

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