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    William Beard

    I have some extra tanks that I need to clear out that no longer get any use.


    The first is a 29 gallon tank, a wood stand, and hood (hood does not have light. The tank holds water and only was broken down since it was replaced with a larger tankĀ  The finish on the stand is a little rough but it can easily be restained. The hood came with it when I got the tank and still works. It does look like a previous owner got it hot at one point since it is a little warped. $30 for everything


    I have 2 tanks that I believe to be around 20 gallons. Both are hex tanks and still hold water perfectly. One was in use till about a week ago, and the other will be getting taken down very soon. One tank has the back painted black while the other is unpainted. They also come with a metal stand that will hold both tanks. $40 for everything


    I also have a small group of mutt guppies and mutt platys I bred for the BAPs program. I do not have an exact count on them but figure about 10 guppies at most and about 7 platys. Selling them for $10 a group.


    If there are any questions or would like additional information/pictures my email is wbeard.dht.92@gmail.com

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