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    Rock Smith

    Hi.  My name is Rock Smith.  I’ve recently relocated from Milwaukee, where I was very involved with the Milwaukee Aquarium Society.  I divested all of my plants and livestock to the Milwaukee club before we loaded up the moving truck.  Colony of labs, so beautiful, and the 95 wave they lived in, took it down from 8 tanks and 430 gallons to 5 tanks and 180, so, it’s an adjustment.  My license plate is CICHLID, I was tickled to know none of the natives had laid claim to it.  I love cichlids, but my wife has a soft spot for guppies, and I love me some shrimp.  Left behind a pretty nice colony of blue dreams.

    I’ve kept the tanks dry until this week, in anticipation of picking up some plants.  Looking forward to the event on Saturday, and I’m firing the tanks back up this week in anticipation of adding some live plants.  I have a 65, 55, and 3 20’s of varying shapes and sized to plant up.

    I’ll be looking for livestock around the 1st of November, so if anyone’s got some juvies they’re growing out, I’d be interested in having a conversation, as the time gets closer.

    I look forward to the day I can meet you all in person, listen to a speaker, and bid on some fish, until then, see ya Saturday.

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