Trout Goodeids, Kribisis, and Yellow Tiger Endlers

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    Beth Hall

    I posted photos on the FB page of the fish.  These are available for pick up in Douglasville, Exit 30 on I-20.  It’s a ways out but easy to get to.  Much less traffic that in other areas of ATL.  Or I can meet you if you throw in some $$ for gas.  Can’t make the next swap meet.

    Trout Goodeids – $10 per pair or $5 for each bachelor.  Beautiful live bearer, good community fish that get up to 4”.  These are the most colorful of the Goodeids.  Easy to care for with good water changes.  Recommended minimum tank size 20 gallons.

    Kribensis African Dwarf cichlid – Pairs,  $12 each pair, bachelors $5 each  One of the easiest, most mellow, and peaceful community fish.  Beautiful colors for cichlids.  Bachelors are really good dither fish.

    Yellow Tiger Endlers: $10 for 20, $6 for 10.  Small live bearer with an active peaceful nature.  These are good for nanotanks or a community tank.   Good dither fish.

    Juvenile Mollies – $10 each.  Highfin mixed yellow and black marbled mollies.



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